edited by Ramesh B. Malla, Arup Maji
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Lunar and Martian Exploration and Development
Engineering and Construction of Lunar and Martian Bases
Numerical and Experimental Study of Strength Properties of Martian Regolith / Khalid A. Alshibli ; Mustafa I. Alsaleh ; David L. Godbold ; Emir J. Macari
Concepts for the Design and Construction of a Modular Inflatable Habitat / Marvin E. Criswell ; Jeffrey S. Carlson
Structural Design of a Lunar Base / F. Ruess ; U. Kuhlmann ; H. Benaroya
Ground Penetrating Radar Technology to Locate Plastic Pipes and Lava Tubes / Leonhard E. Bernold ; Mark Immer
In situ Utilization for Lunar and Martian Base
Solar Cell Development on the Moon from In-Situ Resources / Alex Ignatiev ; Alexandre Freundlich ; Charles Horton
The Potential of Microwaves in Processing Martian Soil: Metals Extraction Using Microwaves / Walter Boles ; Laurent Sibille ; Subhayu Sen ; Paul Carpenter ; David G. Agresti
Design Note on Post-Tensioned Cast Basalt / Kevin A. Greene
Engineering Properties of Regolith, Granular Soils
Yielding of Fiber-Reinforced Granular Soils / R. L. Michalowski ; J. Cermak
Investigation of Moisture Effect on Tensile Strength in Granular Soil / T.-H. Kim ; S. Sture ; J.-M. Yun
Interface Behavior of Granular Soils / J. David Frost ; Gregory L. Hebeler ; T. Matthew Evans ; Jason T. DeJong
Sliding and Rolling Constitutive Theory for Granular Materials / A. Anandarajah
Properties of Sand under Low Effective Stresses / Stein Sture ; Susan N. Batiste ; Mark Lankton ; Jill Parisi
Mars on Earth: Engineering, Construction, and Operations in Terrestrial Analog Environments
Mobile Agents: A Distributed Voice-Commanded Sensory and Robotic System for Surface EVA Assistance / William J. Clancey ; Maarten Sierhuis ; Rick Alena ; Sekou Crawford ; John Dowding ; Jeff Graham ; Charis Kaskiris ; Kim S. Tyree ; Ronnie van Hoof
Life and Medical Support System Terrestrial Analog Utilization to Prepare for Human Solar System Exploration / Jeffrey A. Jones ; Kevin Wells ; Gretchen Thomas ; Rainer Effenhauser ; Pascal Lee
New Frontiers in Technology
Field Sensing and Robotics
Robotic Technology for Pipeline Construction on Earth & in Space / Bin Li
Robotic Applications in Humanitarian Demining / John P. Wetzel
Rapid Human-Assisted, Obstacle Avoidance System Using Sparse Range Point Clouds / Changwan Kim ; Carl T. Haas ; Katherine A. Liapi ; Jared McLaughlin ; Jochen Teizer ; Frederic Bosche
Terramechanics of a Micro Lunar Rover / H. Kanamori ; S. Aoki ; H. Nakashima
Robotics and Controls
Assembly Robot Ground Experiments for Space Solar Power System in JAXA / Hiroshi Ueno ; Mitsushige Oda
Microsensor Packaging for High Temperature and Harsh Environment Applications / A. Friedberger ; A. Fourrier
Path Tracking Control for Tracked Based Machines Using Sensor Fusion / P. Saeedi ; D. Kusalovic ; P. Jacobsen ; P. Lawrence ; D. G. Lowe
A Robotic Rescue Graphical User Interface Integrating Multi-Robot Sensor Fusion / Daniel P. Stormont ; Matthew D. Berkemeier
Advanced Mechanics and Controls
Constraint Effects in 3-D Fatigue Crack Closure / S. Roychowdhury ; Robert H. Dodds, Jr.
Finite Element Analysis of Stiffened and Un-Stiffened Laminated Composite Plates and Experimental Verification / Ashok Kumar Ghosh
Sensor/Control Surface Fault Diagnosis and Reconfiguration in Aircraft Control Systems / Ch. Hajiyev ; F. Caliskan
Controllability of Conducting Structures Using Magnetoelastic Damping / J. S. Lee ; X. J. Zheng
Structural Response Measurements in Challenging Environments
Full-Scale Measurements for Wind Effects on Buildings / Kishor C. Mehta ; Douglas A. Smith
The Height of Precision: New Perspectives in Structural Monitoring / Tracy Kijewski-Correa ; Ahsan Kareem
Remote Sensing and Disaster Mitigation
What's the Problem Here? Institutional and Policy Hurdles in Applying Advanced Remote Sensing Technologies to Response and Recovery / Ray A. Williamson
The Remote Sensing Response to September 11th / Charles K. Huyck ; Beverley J. Adams
Rainfall Estimate for Flood Management Using Meteorological Data from Satellite Imagery / Saisunee Budhakooncharoen
Application of Advanced Technologies in Earthquake Response and Recovery
Remote Sensing with the Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) for Urban Damage Detection / Masanobu Shinozuka ; Kenneth Loh
Highway Surface Distress Inspection Using Remote Sensing / H-C. Chung ; M. Shinozuka
Using Optical and Synthetic Aperture Radar Remote Sensing Technology to Detect Earthquake Damage Following the 1999 Marmara, Turkey Earthquake / B. J. Adams ; R. T Eguchi ; C. K. Huyck
Remote Sensing, GPS, GIS and Monitoring Technologies
Remote Sensing Framework for Transportation Infrastructure Environmental Assessment / M. El-Gafy ; Y. Abdelrazig
Remote Estimation of Phytoplankton Distribution in Aquatic Ecosystems / A. A. Gitelson ; R. Khanbilvardi ; Boris Shteinman ; Yosef Yacobi
Remote Monitoring of Water Dynamics and Estimation of Chlorophyll Concentration / A. Gitelson ; S. Stanichny ; A. Mandychev ; V. Kushnir ; V. Khazin ; B. Shteinman
Earth-Atmosphere Interaction, Space-Based Water Resources and Hydrology
Impacts of Fractional Snow Cover on Surface Air Temperature in the NCAR Community Atmosphere Model (NCAR-CAM2) / Zong-Liang Yang ; Guo-Yue Niu ; Qianru Zeng
Efficient Uncertainty Assessment for Satellite Rainfall Observations with Application to Flood Prediction / Faisal Hossain ; Emmanouil N. Anagnostou ; Amvrossios C. Bagtzoglou
Modeling the Continental Hydrology: The Interplay Between Canopy Interception and Hill-Slope Runoff
Progress Towards Developing a Radar Calibration Method for Improved Rainfall Estimation / Sandrine A. Baun ; Marios N. Anagnostou ; Ryan G. Knox
Advances in Space Structures and Materials
An Active Structure that Adapts and Learns / I. F. C. Smith
The Influence of Hypervelocity Particle Impacts on Shuttle Orbiter Window Residual Strength / J. Lankford
Identification, Sourcing, and Prevention of Orbiter Window Haze / Lynda R. Estes
Use of Radiation Pressure for Space-Based Construction / S. S. Wanis ; N. M. Komerath
Life Support Systems
Fluid Distribution and Flow in Porous Media with Applications for Life Support Systems I
Flow and Distribution of Fluid Phases Through Porous Plant Growth Media in Microgravity / S. L. Steinberg ; J. I. D. Alexander ; D. Or ; N. Daidzic ; S. Jones ; L. Reddi ; M. Tuller ; G. Kluitenberg ; M. Xiao
Effect of Vibrations on Pore Fluid Distribution in Porous Media--Experimental Investigations / Ming Xiao ; Lakshmi N. Reddi
Understanding Boundary Layers Surrounding Plant Organs to Reduce Indirect Effects of Microgravity on Plant Growth / O. Monje ; M. Zebuhr ; G. W. Stutte
Liquid-Gas Interfacial Configurations in Angular Pores under Microgravity / Dani Or ; Markus Tuller ; Scott B. Jones
Fluid Distribution and Flow in Porous Media with Applications for Life Support Systems II
Performance Evaluation of a Submerged-Membrane Bioreactor for Lunar Applications / T. J Rector ; R. F. Strayer ; M. P. Hummerick ; J. L. Garland ; M. S. Roberts ; L. H. Levine
Pore-Size-Distribution and Porosity Measurements in Soil Porous Media by MRI / N. E. Daidzic ; P. Fantazzini ; S. Altobelli ; E. Schmidt
Automated Systems for Oxygen Diffusion Measurements in Porous Media at 1g and 0g / Gail E. Bingham ; T. Shane Topham
Life Support Systems I
Development of a Nitrifying Bioreactor for the Treatment of Wastewater in Long-Term Space Applications / Eric McLamore ; A. Morse ; A. Jackson ; K. Rainwater ; D. Muirhead
Graywater Treatment Using Biofilm Reactors for Water Recycling in Advanced Life Support / Sybil Sharvelle ; M. Katherine Banks ; Erin Maloney ; Katherine Graham
Gas Bubble Dissolution in a Non-Venting Gas Trap / Laura A. Crenwelge ; Eugene K. Ungar ; Karen D. Pickering
Life Support Systems II
Optimizing the Ion Exchange Process for Purification of Spacecraft Wastewater / B.W. Finger
Photocatalytic Degradation of Isopropanol and Acetone in Aqueous Solutions as a Function of pH and TiO[subscript 2] Photocatalyst / T. M. El-Morsi ; M. A. Nanny
Force-Displacement Behavior of Activated Alumina Packed Beds for Water Processing Application in Space Life Support Systems / Ramesh B. Malla ; Ganesh Anandakumar
Experimental Design and Analysis for Limited Resources / Darwin H. Poritz ; Susan L. Steinberg ; Daniel Haddock
Structures and Materials
Aerodynamic Disturbances on Rapidly Rotating Spacecraft in Free-Molecular Flow / Joel A. Storch
Model Tests to Determine Ground-Wind Loads on Launch Vehicles / Daryl Boggs
Uncertainty, Reliability, and Risk in Structural Analysis and Design
Health Monitoring System Design under Uncertainty for Hot Aerospace Structures / R. F. Guratzsch ; S. Mahadevan
Probabilistic Methodology for Life Prediction of Aircraft Turbine Rotors / M. P. Enright ; L. Huyse ; R. C. McClung ; H. R. Millwater
SRB Splashdown Analysis and Structural Damage Risk Assessment / K. N. Mitchell
Aerospace Vehicle Conceptual Design under Uncertainty / Natasha Smith ; Sankaran Mahadevan
Design and Analysis of Composites I
Probabilistic Mistuning Analysis and Estimation of HCF Life of a Honeywell Impeller / B. M. Patel ; Vinod K. Nagpal ; Rakesh Srivastava ; Jeffery Lentz ; Kevin A. Kerner
Effect of In-Plane Stiffnesses and Inertias on Dynamic Behavior of a Laminated Composite Plate under Blast Load / Z. Kazanci ; Z. Mecitoglu ; A. Hacioglu
Structural Design and Analysis of Wind Turbine Rotor Blades Using Laminated Sandwich Composites / S. Us ; S. Tolun
Effects of Uncertainties in Advanced Engine Structures / Latife Kuguoglu ; Galib Abumeri ; Christos C. Chamis
Design and Analysis of Composites II
Nonlinear Response of Double-Wall Cylindrical Shells Subjected to Random Excitation / V. Dogan ; R. Vaicaitis
Low and High Cycle Fatigue Behavior of Concrete-Filled Composite Tubes / Iftekhar Ahmad ; Yutian Shao ; Amir Mirmiran
Dynamic Nonlinear Behavior of Composite Plates / H. Tanriover ; E. Senocak
Dynamic Behaviour of a Laminated Balsa Beam under Impulsive Load / Halit S. Turkmen ; Erhan Eren ; Murat Buyuk
Comparison of Newmark and Space-Time Discontinuous Galerkin Method / H. G. Aksoy ; H. Tanrover
Smart Structures and Vibrations
Weigh-In-Motion System Design with Piezoelectric Sensor / Lianhe Guo ; Yumei Tang ; Jingyan Yu ; Jing Li ; Xuemin Chen ; Richard Liu
Vibration Control of Civil Structures Using Piezoceramic Smart Materials / Gangbing Song ; Vineet Sethi
Application of FBG Sensors to Ground Heat Pump System / L. Ren ; H. N. Li ; L. Sun ; D. S. Li ; G. B. Song
Review of Applications of Shape Memory Alloys in Civil Structures / G. Song ; N. Ma ; H.-N. Li
Advanced Materials Technology
A Review of the Degradation of Composites in Mid Earth Orbit / A. K. Maji ; S. A. Mahnke
PPT Fuel with Reinforcements / Tang-Tat Ng
Engineering of Windows for the International Space Station / Karen S. Edelstein
Time-Dependent Mechanical Property Changes of Glass Fiber-Reinforced Polymers Exposed to High pH Environments / Francisco Aguiniga ; Timothy E. Bradberry ; David Trejo
Advanced Composites and Structures I Civil Infrastructure Applications
Design and Construction for CFRP/GFRP Composite Trimaran / Andrew Green
Effects of Freeze-Thaw and Dry-Wet Conditionings on the Mode-I Fracture of FRP-Concrete Interface Bonds / Pizhong Qiao ; Yingwu Xu
Realistic Bond Strength of FRP Rebars in NSC from Beam Specimens / Roman Okelo ; Robert L. Yuan
Impact Analysis of Composite Sandwich I-Lam System / Mijia Yang ; Ayman S. Mosallam
Advanced Composites and Structures II Mechanics and Structural Health Monitoring
Behavior of Honeycomb FRP Sandwich Sinusoidal Core Panels with Skin Effect / An Chen ; Julio F. Davalos
Development and Implementation of Rate Dependent Composite Material Model for Shell Element Application in LSDYNA / Xiahua Zheng ; Robert K. Goldberg ; Wieslaw K. Binienda ; Gary D. Roberts
Fracture Analysis of Shear Deformable Bi-Layer Structures / Jialai Wang
Damage Detection of Composite Laminates Using Smart Piezoelectric Materials / Cole S. Hamey ; Wahyu Lestari
Applications of Smart Materials
Development and Characterization of Piezoresistive Smart Structural Materials / C. Vipulanandan (Vipu) ; Kallol Sett
Micropumps Actuated by Smart Materials / Gongbing Song ; Bin Fan ; Fazle Hussain
Hysteresis Compensation Using LPV Control / Charudatta S. Mehendale ; Karolos M. Grigoriadis
Application of the Piezoelectric Materials for Health Monitoring in Civil Engineering: An Overview / Haichang Gu ; Hongnan Li
Infrastructure Technologies
A Study of the Thermal Performance of Cold-Formed Thin-Walled Perforated Steel Studs (Thermal Studs) in Fire / B. Salhab ; Y. C. Wang
Optimization of the Allowed Drilling Domain in the Explotation of Marine Floating Platforms / H. Mamedov
Considerations on the Design of Space Structures--Active Design and Inclusion of Nonlinear Effects / Y. Cengiz Toklu
The Building of Theoretical Model and Analysis of Deformations of an Anchor-Grouting Soft Rock Tunnel / H. L. Dai ; X. Wang ; G. X. Xie
Engineering and Architecture in Extreme Environments
Building and Living in Earth's Extreme Environments: Theory and Practice
Construction of a Modernized South Pole Station: Progress and Challenges / Jerry W. Marty
Ocean Base One ... Conquering the Ocean Frontier: The OASIS Program / R. A. Cooper ; W. E. Colburn ; C. G. Cooper
Infrastructure Assessment in the Context of Rapid Urbanization: The Case of Cambodia / Kelly Seshimo ; Maijinn Chen
Providing Effective Science Support and Logistics in the Arctic / J. Burnside ; D. Garcia-Novick
Engineering in Extreme Environments
The NEEMO Project: A Report on How NASA Utilizes the "Aquarius" Undersea Habitat as an Analog for Long- Duration Space Flight / Bill Todd ; Marc Reagan
Selection of Appropriate Materials at the South Pole for the 9-Meter Full Motion Antenna / Vikas K. Verma ; Steven P. Krueger
Soil Model Selection in Earth-Based Extreme Region with Peat Foundation under Large Loading Area / Mark Vakher
Human Exploration in Space: Theory and Practice
Design for Assembly--The ISS as a Kit of Parts / Robert M. Foster ; John G. Cook ; Kevin D. Foley
Space Habitat Design Considerations Related to Different Gravity Environment / Olga Bannova
Medical Requirements for a Manned Mars Mission / Marlo S. Graves
Human Exploration in Space: Design Concepts
An Inflatable Living Concept / Annalisa Borin ; Marcello Fiscelli
A Personal Centrifuge for Future Space Missions / Martina Pinni
RING: Rotationally Induced Gravity Vehicle with Elliptical Pressurized Modules / Elda Galvez ; Paolo Pognant
Space Architecture and Operations
Human-Robotic Cooperative Teams for Advanced Space Operations / David L. Akin
Production of Methane from the Lunar Regolith for Use as Propellant / Begona Ruiz ; Michael B. Duke
MICRO-G Architecture--An Innovative Design and Education Experience in Turkey / Markus Wilsing ; Serkan Anilir ; Nil Akpinar-Wilsing
Architectural Studies for the Production of Propellant on the Moon: Lunar Production Plant / Javier Diaz
Spaceport, Space Power, and Space Commercialization
Standardization: The Key for Future Spaceport Operations / Steven Ryberg ; Cristina Guidi
The Role of a Space Transportation Development Authority in the Revitalizing of American Space Commercialization Activities / Thomas L. Matula
Energy Flow in Kinetically Strengthened Transportation Structure Systems to Space / James Edward David Cline
Advanced Space Systems
Optical Structures in Space
Application of Advanced Mirror Technology to Meter-Class and Larger Apertures / Brett J. de Blonk
Process Induced Errors in Replicated Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Mirrors / Jake D. Hochhalter ; Arup K. Maji ; David W. Reicher
Shape Memory Alloy and Clear Polymer Integration for First Surface Mirror Applications / Brian Patrick ; James Moore ; Peter Jardine ; Arup Maji
Spacecraft Component Technologies
Composite Flywheel Rotor Technology Development Overview / C. K. Corbin ; J. M. Ganley ; S. W. Tsai
Design and Testing of All-Composite Connections for Launch Vehicle Payload Adapters / John E. Higgins ; Peter Wegner ; William Keith ; Otto Ratz
Hydrogen Peroxide Compatible Tankage Development at the Air Force Research Laboratory / Jim Guerrero ; Brent Hamilton ; Randy Burton ; Dave Crockett
Advanced Space Radiator Demonstration / Mark J. Montesano
Deployable Space Structures
Development of a Shape Memory Coilable Boom Using Elastic Memory Composite Material / Douglas Campbell ; Mark S. Lake ; Craig S. Hazelton ; Nick Wilder ; Brian Spence
Pultruded Composites for Space Applications / Jerome P. Fanucci ; James J. Gorman ; Pavel Bystricky ; Thomas Heimann
Impact of Thermal Cycles on Deployment Accuracy of Elastic Memory Composites / John A. Lips ; Tang-Tat (Percy) Ng
Deployment and STructural Support of Space Membrane Optics System Using Rigidizable Conical Booms / Arthur L. Palisoc ; Frederick H. Redell ; Geoff Andersen
New Developments in Large Deployable Space Antennae at S.P.A. EGS / A. G. Cherniavsky ; V. I. Gulyayev ; V. V. Gaidaichuk ; A. I. Fedoseev
Spacecraft Thermal Protection Systems
Carbon Foam Thermal Protection Systems for Space Applications / Dwayne R. Morgan ; Sherrill B. Biggers ; Mica Grujicic
Fiber Reinforced Silica Aerogel Composites: Thermal Insulation for High-Temperature Applications / Dmitry V. Fomitchev ; Roxana Trifu ; George Gould
Ultra-Lightweight Aerogel Superinsulation as an MLI Replacement / Roxana M. Trifu ; George L. Gould ; Ken Qassim ; Jim L. Clark
Enabling Technologies for Space Exploration and Transportation
Structural Dynamic Response of a Square Solar Sail under Solar Pressure and Thermal Loading / Chijie Lin
The ExoMars Mission of ESA's Aurora Programme / M. Van Winnendael ; B. Gardini ; R. Roumeas ; J. Vago
Estimating the Integrated Radiation Dose for a Conjunction-Class Mars Mission Using Early MARIE Data / John F. Connolly
A Novel Approach to Intra-Station Transfers Between Large Centripetal Habitation Wheels and Stationary Utility Cores / Stephen A. Sywak
Systems in Space
Industrial Processes in Space Manufacturing for Converting Asteroidal Materials into Useful Construction Elements
Aerodynamic Analysis of Flat and Curve Shaped Hypersonic Forebodies at Low Speeds / S. Nadaraja Pillai ; M. Santhosh kumar ; T. A. Sundaravadivel ; M. Gopinath ; K. M. Parammasivam ; Dr. K. Jayaraman
Subject Index
Author Index
Lunar and Martian Exploration and Development
Engineering and Construction of Lunar and Martian Bases
Numerical and Experimental Study of Strength Properties of Martian Regolith / Khalid A. Alshibli ; Mustafa I. Alsaleh ; David L. Godbold ; Emir J. Macari


edited by Wieslaw K. Binienda
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edited by Ramesh B. Malla, Wieslaw K. Binienda, Arup K. Maji
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