Tim Hendtlass, Moonis Ali (eds.)
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シリーズ名: Lecture notes in computer science ; 2358 . Lecture notes in artificial intelligence
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Neural Networks 1
An Error Back-Propagation Artificial Neural Networks Application in Automatic Car License Plate Recognition / Demetrios Michalopoulos ; Chih-Kang Hu
Use of Artificial Neural Networks for Buffet Loads Prediction / Oleg Levinski
Computational Cost Reduction by Selective Attention for Fast Speaker Adaptation in Multilayer Perceptron / In-Cheol Kim ; Sung-Il Chien
A Comparison of Neural Networks with Time Series Models for Forecasting Returns on a Stock Market Index / Juliana Yim
Image/Speech 1
Automatic Detection of Film Orientation with Support Vector Machines / Dane Walsh ; Christian Omlin
A Generic Approach for the Vietnamese Handwritten and Speech Recognition Problems / Vu Hai Quan ; Pham Nam Trung ; Nguyen Due Hoang Ha ; Lam Tri Tin ; Hoang Kiem ; An H Nguyen
Efficient and Automatic Faces Detection Based on Skin-Tone and Neural Network Model / Bae-Ho Lee ; Kwang-Hee Kim ; Yonggwan Won ; Jiseung Nam
Efficient Image Segmentation Based on Wavelet and Watersheds for Video Objects Extraction / Jong-Bae Kim ; Hang-Joon Kim
Evolutionary and Genetic Algorithms 1
FPGA-Based Implementation of Genetic Algorithm for the Traveling Salesman Problem and Its Industrial Application / Iouliia Skliarova ; António B.Ferrari
Minimal Addition Chain for Efficient Modular Exponentiation Using Genetic Algorithms / Nadia Nedjah ; Luiza de Macedo Mourelle
An Evolutionary Algorithm for the Synthesis of RAM-Based FSMs / Valery Sklyarov
Genetic Algorithms for Design of Liquid Retaining Structure / K. W. Chau ; F. Albermani
Autonomous Agents
Modelling Crew Assistants with Multi-Agent Systems in Fighter Aircraft / Arjen Vollebregt ; Daan Hannessen ; Henk Hesselink ; Jelle Beetstra
Learning from Human Decision-Making Behaviors - An Application to RoboCup Software Agents / Ruck Thawonmas ; Junichiro Hirayama ; Fumiaki Takeda
Distributed Deadlock Detection in Mobile Agent Systems / Bruce Ashfield ; Dwight Deugo ; Franz Oppacher ; Tony White
An Agent-Based Approach for Production Control Incorporating Environmental and Life-Cycle Issues, together with Sensitivity Analysis / Elisabeth Hie Zudor ; László Monostori
Feasibility Restoration for Iterative Meta-heuristics Search Algorithms / Marcus Randall
Best Paper Candidates 1
Optimization of Pulse Pattern for a Multi-robot Sonar System Using Genetic Algorithm / George Nyauma Nyakoe ; Makoto Ohki ; Suichiro Tabuchi ; Masaaki Ohkita
The Suitability of Particle Swarm Optimisation for Training Neural Hardware / David Braendler ; Tim Hendtlass
Evolutionary Multi-objective Integer Programming for the Design of Adaptive Cruise Control Systems / Nando Laumanns ; Marco Laumanns ; Hartmut Kitterer
The Macronet Element: A Substitute for the Conventional Neuron / Gerrard Murray
Genetic Algorithm Optimisation of Mathematical Models Using Distributed Computing / S. Dunn ; S. Peucker
Best Paper Candidates 2
Genetic Algorithm Optimisation of Part Placement Using a Connection-Based Coding Method / Alan Crispin ; Paul Clay ; Gaynor Taylor ; Robert Hackney ; Tom Bayes ; David Reedman
A Fast Evolutionary Algorithm for Image Compression in Hardware / Mehrdad Salami
Automatic Speech Recognition: The New Millennium / Khalid Daoudi
Applying Machine Learning for Ensemble Branch Predictors / Gabriel H. Loh ; Dana S. Henry
A Customizable Configuration Tool for Design of Multi-part Products / Niall Murtagh
Neural Networks 2
Phase-to-Phase Wave Parameters Measurement of Distribution Lines Based on BP Networks / Fengling Han ; Xinghuo Yu ; Yong Feng ; Huifeng Dong
Learning Capability: Classical RBF Network vs. SVM with Gaussian Kernel / Rameswar Debnath ; Haruhisa Takahashi
Trading off between Misclassification, Recognition and Generalization in Data Mining with Continuous Features / Dianhui Wang ; Tharam Dillon ; Elizabeth Chang
Interacting Neural Modules / Garry Briscoe
The Application of Visualization and Neural Network Techniques in a Power Transformer Condition Monitoring System / Zhi-Hua Zhou ; Yuan Jiang ; Xu-Ri Yin ; Shi-Fu Chen
Internet Applications 1
Entrepreneurial Intervention in an Electronic Market Place / John Debenham
Intelligent Auto-downloading of Images / Vikram Natarajan ; Angela Goh
Intelligent Facilitation Agent for Online Web-Based Group Discussion System / Junalux Chalidabhongse ; Wirat Chinnan ; Piehet Weehasaethnon ; Arpakorn Tantisirithanakorn
TWIMC: An Anonymous Recipient E-mail System / Sebon Ku ; Bogju Lee ; Dongman Lee
Mental States of Autonomous Agents in Competitive and Cooperative Settings / Walid S. Saba
Expert Systems
An Expert System Application for Improving Results in a Handwritten Form Recognition System / Silvana Rossetto ; Flávio M. Varejão ; Thomas W. Rauber
A Knowledge-Based System for Construction Site Level Facilities Layout / M. Anson
A Decision-Support System to Improve Damage Survivability of Submarine / D. Lee ; J. Lee ; K. H. Lee
On the Verification of an Expert System: Practical Issues / Jorge Santos ; Zita Vale ; Carlos Ramos
DOWNSIZINGX: A Rule-Based System for Downsizing the Corporation's Computer Systems / J. L. Mitrpanont ; T. Plengpung
Credit Apportionment Scheme for Rule-Based Systems: Implementation and Comparative Study / N. M. Hewahi ; H. Ahmad
Internet Applications 2
An Adaptive Web Cache Access Predictor Using Neural Network / Wen Tian ; Ben Choi ; Vir V. Phoha
A Designated Bid Reverse Auction for Agent-Based Electronic Commerce / Tokuro Matsuo ; Takayuki Ito
Design of a Fuzzy Usage Parameter Controller for Diffserv and MPLS / K. K. Phang ; S. H. Lim ; M. Hj. Yaaeob ; T. C. Ling
A Tool for Extension and Restructuring Natural Language Question Answering Domains / Boris Galitsky
Effective Retrieval of Information in Tables on the Internet / Sung-Won Jung ; Kyung-Hee Sung ; Tae-Won Park ; Hyuk-chul Kwon
Evolutionary and Genetic Algorithms 2
A Fitness Estimation Strategy for Genetic Algorithms
Derivation of L-system Models from Measurements of Biological Branching Structures Using Genetic Algorithms / Bian Runqiang ; Phoebe Chen ; Kevin Burrage ; Jim Hanan ; Peter Room ; John Belward
Evolving a Schedule with Batching, Precedence Constraints, and Sequence-Dependent Setup Times: Crossover Needs Building Blocks / Paul J. Darwen
The Development of the Feature Extraction Algorithms for Thai Handwritten Character Recognition System / S. Kiwprasopsak
Route Planning Wizard: Basic Concept and Its Implementation / Teruaki Ito
AI Applications
The Design and Implementation of Color Matching System Based on Back Propagation / HaiYi Zhang ; JianDong Bi ; Barbro Back
Component-Oriented Programming as an AI-Planning Problem / Debasis Mitra ; Walter P. Bond
Dynamic CSPs for Interval-Based Temporal Reasoning / Malek Mouhoub ; Jonathan Yip
Efficient Pattern Matching of Time Series Data / Sangjun Lee ; Dongseop Kwon ; Sukho Lee
A Multi-attribute Decision-Making Approach toward Space System Design Automation through a Fuzzy Logic-Based Analytic Hierarchical Process / Michelle Lavagna ; Amalia Ercoli Finzi
Best Paper Candidates 3
A Case Based System for Oil and Gas Well Design / Simon Kravis ; Rosemary Irrgang
Ant Colony Optimisation Applied to a Dynamically Changing Problem / Daniel Angus
A GIS-Integrated Intelligent System for Optimization of Asset Management for Maintenance of Roads and Bridges / M. D. Salim ; T. Strauss ; M. Emch
A Unified Approach for Spatial Object Modelling and Map Analysis Based on 2nd Order Many-Sorted Language / Oscar Luiz Monteiro de Farias ; Sueli Bandeira Teixeira Mendes
Training and Application of Artificial Neural Networks with Incomplete Data / Zs. J. Viharos ; L. Monostori ; T. Vincze
Knowledge Processing
Message Analysis for the Recommendation of Contact Persons within Defined Subject Fields / Frank Heeren ; Wilfried Sihn
An Intelligent Knowledge Processing System on Hydrodynamics and Water Quality Modeling / C.Cheng ; Y. S. Li ; C. W. Li ; O. Wai
Uncertainty Management and Informational Relevance / M. Chachoua ; D. Pacholczyk
Potential Governing Relationship and a Korean Grammar Checker Using Partial Parsing / Mi-young Kang ; Su-ho Park ; Ae-sun Yoon
Image/Speech 2
On-Line Handwriting Character Recognition Using Stroke Information / Jungpil Shin
Face Detection by Integrating Multiresolution-Based Watersheds and a Skin-Color Model / Su-Woong Jung
Social Interaction of Humanoid Robot Based on Audio-Visual Tracking / Hiroshi G. Okuno ; Kazuhiro Nakadai ; Hiroaki Kitano
Hybrid Confidence Measure for Domain-Specific Keyword Spotting / Jinyoung Kim ; Joohun Lee ; Seungho Choi
Model Based Reasoning
Model-Based Debugging or How to Diagnose Programs Automatically / Franz Wotawa ; Markus Stumptner ; Wolfgang Mayer
On a Model-Based Design Verification for Combinatorial Boolean Networks / Satoshi Hiratsuka ; Akira Fusaoka
Optimal Adaptive Pattern Matching / Luiza de Maeedo Mourelle
Analysis of Affective Characteristics and Evaluation of Harmonious Feeling of Image Based on 1/f Fluctuation Theory / Mao Xia ; Chen Bin ; Zhu Gang ; Muta Itsuya
Adaptive Control
Collective Intelligence and Priority Routing in Networks / Bernard Pagurek
An Agent-Based Approach to Monitoring and Control of District Heating Systems / Fredrik Wernstedt ; Paul Davidsson
Using Machine Learning to Understand Operator's Skill / Ivan Bratko ; Dorian Šue
Reactive Load Control of Parallel Transformer Operations Using Neural Networks / Fakhrul Islam ; Baikunth Nath ; Joarder Kamruzzaman
Author Index
Neural Networks 1
An Error Back-Propagation Artificial Neural Networks Application in Automatic Car License Plate Recognition / Demetrios Michalopoulos ; Chih-Kang Hu
Use of Artificial Neural Networks for Buffet Loads Prediction / Oleg Levinski


Xiaodong Li, Hussein Abbass, Jürgen Branke, Vic Ciesielski, Kalyanmoy Deb, David Green, Tim Hendtlass, Takeo Kanade, Zbigniew Michalewicz, Kay Chen Tan, Mengjie Zhang
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Kevin Korb, Tim Hendtlass, Takeo Kanade, Marcus Randall
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