edited by Morsi M. Mahmoud ... [et al.]
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シリーズ名: Ceramic transactions ; v. 252
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Processing and Performance of Materials Using Microwaves, Electric and Magnetic Fields
Single-Mode Microwave Sintering of Er:Al2O3 / Robert Pavlacka ; Claire Brennan ; Victoria Blair ; Raymond Brennan ; Constantine Fountzoulas ; Jiping Cheng ; Dinesh Agrawal
A Study of High Temperature Refractory Insulation for Use in Ceramic and Microwave Metal Heating / Edward B. Ripley ; J. Cook
Advancing Composites in Automotive by Electromagnetic Processing / Lambert Feher
Synthesis of Copper Spinels by Microwave Irradiation / Jun Fukushima ; Hirotsugu Takizawa ; Yamato Hayashi
Analysis and Design of Multi-Tip Open-Ended Coaxial Probe for Very High Temperature Dielectric Measurements / E. Ripley ; M. Awida ; K. Williams ; B. Warren ; A. Fathy
Magnetic Processing of Lead Free Solder Systems / Edward Ripley ; Russell Hallman ; Ashley C. Stowe
Microwave Ultra-Rapid Sintering of Oxide Ceramics / K. I. Rybakov ; Yu. V. Bykov ; A. G. Eremeev ; S. V. Egorov ; V. V. Kholoptsev ; A. A. Sorokin ; V. E. Semenov
Thermal and Non-Thermal Phenomena in Microwave Processing / N. Yoshikawa
Dielectric Materials and Electronic Devices
Low Temperatures Dielectric Anomaly in BiFeO3-Based Multiferroic Ceramics / J. D. S. Guerra ; Madhuparna Pal ; G. S. Dias ; I. A. Santos ; R. Guo ; A. S. Bhalla
Quantification of Primary and Secondary Contribution on Magnetoelectric Effect of NiFe2O4/Pb (Zr0.52Ti0.48)O3/NiFe2O4 Tri-Layered Composite / S. Betal ; L. F. Cótica ; C. T. Morrow ; S. Priya ; A. Bhalla
Dielectric and Electrical Properties of Undoped and Fe-Doped Yttrium Copper Titanate / Sunita Sharma ; M. M. Singh ; K. D. Mandai
Analysis of Birefringence Behavior in the Determination of the Characteristics Temperatures of Transparent Ferroelectric Relaxor Ceramic Systems / F. P. Milton ; E. R. Botero ; F. A. Londoño ; J. A. Eiras ; D. Garcia
Magnetic Sensors Based on Tuned Varistors of Ilmenite-Hematite, IHC45, Oxide Semiconductor / R. K. Pandey ; William A. Stapleton ; Ivan Sutanto
Structural, Microstructural and Dielectric Properties of Tri-Layered Aurivillius-Type Structure Bi4Ti3O12 Ferroelectric Ceramics / I. C. Reis ; A. C. Silva
Dielectric Properties and Applications of Nanocrystalline Diamond Thin Films / N. Govindaraju ; R. N. Singh
Mounting of Multi-Pin Bare Chips with Ball Pins on a Flexible Polyimide Board / N. Korobova ; Yu Dolgovykh ; A. Pogalov ; G. Blinov ; S. Timoshenkov
Advances in Composites
Numerical Studies of Infiltration Dynamics of Liquid-Copper and Titanium/Solid-Carbon System / Khurram Iqbal
Reactive Melt Infiltration of Boron Containing Fiber Reinforced Preforms Forming a ZrB2 Matrix / Marius Kütemeyer ; Darren Shandler ; Dietmar Koch ; Martin Friess
Structural Clay
Analysis of Morphologic and Thermic Behavior of Minerals from the Municipality of Campos Dos Goytacazes / A. R. G. Azevedo ; J. Alexandre ; G. C. Xavier ; S. N. Monteiro ; F. M. Margem ; N. G. Azeredo ; A. L. C. Paes
Characterization of the Clay Used in Manufacturing Structural Clay Brick
Innovative Processing
Densification of SHS Obtained Ti2AIC Active Precursor Powder by Hot Pressing Method / L. Chlubny ; J. Lis ; M. M. Bucko
Numerical Studies of Wetting and Interfacial Phenomena in Liquid-Copper Alloy/Solid-Carbon and Titanium Carbide Systems
Properties of Porous Silicon Carbide Ceramics Prepared by Soft Templating Approach / Thibaud Nardin ; Benoît Gouze ; Julien Cambedouzou ; Daniel Meyer ; Olivier Diat
Low-Temperature Synthesis Method of Aluminum Nitride Powder / Kyyoul Yun ; Yuya Takahashi ; Shunji Yanase
Thermal Protection Materials and Systems
Stiffness Response of Oxide Scales on Nickel Based ODS Alloys Exposed To Thermal Cyclic Oxidation / Belachew N. Amare ; Bruce S.-J. Kang ; Mary Anne Alvin
Hydra, A New Hybrid Thermal Protection System for LEO and Moon Mission Re-Entry Vehicles / Wolfgang P. P. Fischer ; J. Barcena ; S. Florez ; B. Perez
Maturation of Airbus D&S Thermal Protection Systems Portfolio
Fabrication and Characterization of C/C-SiC Material Made with Pitch-Based Carbon Fibers / Thomas Reimer ; Ivaylo Petkov ; Martin Frieß ; Christoph Dellin
Materials for Harsh Environments
Electrochemical Behavior of Ti(C, N)-Ni3Al Cermets / M. B. Holmes ; G. J. Kipouros ; Z. N. Farhat ; K. P. Plucknett
Extending the Lifetime of Mixer Paddles Used in the Production of a Low-Level Radioactive Cementitious Waste Form / Marissa M. Reigel ; Mark D. Fowley
Advanced Solution and Colloidal Processing for Ceramics
Synthesis, Characterization of FexZr1-xO2 Solid Solution Nanoparticles and Bulk Powders Prepared Using a Sol-Gel Technique / Guillermo Herrera-Perez ; Antonio Doménech-Carbó ; Noemi Montoya ; Javier Alarcón
Ferrite Nanoparticles: From Synthesis to New Advanced Materials / Darja Lisjak
Controlled Synthesis, Processing, and Applications of Structural and Functional Nanomaterials
Structural and Optical Properties of Dysprosium-Doped SnO2 Nanocrystals and Their LPG-Sensing Behavior / Ravi Chand Singh ; Gurpreet Singh ; Anita Hastir
Development and Characterization of a Grapheme Nanosheet-Polyaniline (GNS-PANI) Nanocomposite for Conductive Ink Applications / Ali Ramazani ; Nasser Arsalani ; Vahid Shirazi Khanamiri ; Amin Goljanian Tabrizi ; Mahsa Sadat Safavi
Design and Synthesis of Metallic Nanoparticle-Ceramic Support Interfaces for Enhancing Thermal Stability / D. Driscoll ; C. Law ; S.W. Sofie
Sintering and Related Powder Processing
Effect of Alloying Elements on Mechanical Properties and Electrical Conductivity of P/M Copper Alloys Dispersed with Vapor-Grown Carbon Fiber / Hisashi Imai ; Kuan-Yu Chen ; Katsuyoshi Kondoh ; Hung-Yin Tsai
The Role of Liquid Phase on Microstructure Development and Mechanical Properties in Ceramic Tiles for Interior Wall Facing / A. Poznyak ; I. Levhskii ; S. Barantseva
Surface Protection for Enhanced Performance
Simulation and Modeling of a Carburizing Process using Variables for Effective Performance in Service in AISI 1032 Steel / Adekunle Adegbola ; Ghazali Akeem ; Ismaila Alabi ; Mutiu Kareem ; Olugbenga Fashina ; Abolade Olaniyan ; Joseph Omoioyinbo ; Oladayo Oianiran
Pyrochlore Lanthanide Zirconates for Thermal Barrier Coatings / Honglong Wang ; Emily Tarwater ; Xinxing Zhang ; Zhizhi Sheng ; Jeffrey W. Fergus
Optimization and Development of X-ray Microscopy Technique for Investigation of Thermal Barrier Coating / Navid Asadizanjani ; Sina Shahbazmohammadi ; Eric H. Jordan
Author Index
Processing and Performance of Materials Using Microwaves, Electric and Magnetic Fields
Single-Mode Microwave Sintering of Er:Al2O3 / Robert Pavlacka ; Claire Brennan ; Victoria Blair ; Raymond Brennan ; Constantine Fountzoulas ; Jiping Cheng ; Dinesh Agrawal


edited by Morsi M. Mahmoud ... [et al.]
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