edited by Astrid Sigel, Helmut Sigel, and Roland K.O. Sigel
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シリーズ名: Metal ions in life sciences ; v. 8
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Historical Development and Perspectives of the Series
Preface to Volume 8
Contributors to Volume 8
Titles of Volumes 1-44 in the Metal Ions in Biological Systems Series
Contents of Volumes in the Metal Ions in Life Sciences Series
Understanding Combined Effects for Metal Co-Exposure in Ecotoxicology / Rolf Altenburger1:
Ecotoxicity from Mixture Exposure
Combination Effect Analysis / 2:
Interactions During Exposure / 3:
Joint Action in Toxicodynamics / 4:
Interaction with Organic Compounds / 5:
Outlook / 6:
Human Risk Assessment of Heavy Metals: Principles and Applications / Jean-Lou C. M. Dorne ; George E. N. Kass ; Luisa R. Bordajandi ; Billy Amzal ; Ulla Bertelsen ; Anna F. Castoldi ; Claudia Heppner ; Mari Eskola ; Stefan Fabiansson ; Pietro Ferrari ; Elena Scaravelli ; Eugenia Dogliotti ; Peter Fuerst ; Alan R. Boobis ; Philippe Verger
Principles of Chemical Risk Assessment
Toxicology of Heavy Metals
Analytical Techniques and Exposure Assessment of Heavy Metals
Applications to the Human Risk Assessment of Heavy Metals and Metalloids
Conclusions and Future Perspectives
Abbreviations and Definitions
Mixtures and Their Risk Assessment in Toxicology / Moiz M. Mumtaz ; Hugh Hansen ; Hana R. Pohl
Predictions of Toxicity Outcomes
Weight-of-Evidence Evaluations
Experimental Validations
Metal Ions Affecting the Pulmonary and Cardiovascular Systems / Massino Corradi ; Antonio Mutti
Chromium / 7:
Cobalt / 8:
Lead / 9:
Manganese / 10:
Nickel / 11:
Zinc / 12:
Concluding Remarks / 13:
Metal Ions Affecting the Gastrointestinal System Including the Liver / Declan P. Naughton ; Tamás Nepusz ; Andrea Petroczi
Exposure to Metal Ions in the Gastrointestinal Tract and Liver
Estimation of Toxicity Associated with Metal Ions in the Gastrointestinal Tract and Liver
Metal Ion-Molecular Interactions: Effects on Oxidative Damage
Concluding Remarks and Future Directions
Metal Ions Affecting the Kidney / Bruce A. Fowler
Exposure to Metal Ions in Air, Food, and Water
Transport of Metals/Metalloids in the Circulation
Mechanisms of Metal and Metalloid Uptake by the Kidney
Effects of Metals/Metalloids on the Kidney
Mechanisms of Renal Cell Injury
Renal Biomarkers
Metal/Metalloid Interactions in the Kidney
Metal Ions Affecting the Hematological System / Nickolette Roney ; Henry G. Abadin ; Bruce Fowler
Exposure to Metals and Their Mixtures
Metals Affecting the Hematological System
Binary Interactions of Metals and Hematological Effects
Interaction of Metals with other Chemicals
Metal Ions Affecting the Immune System / Irina Lehmann ; Ulrich Sack ; Jörg Lehmann
Immunotoxicity and Immunomodulation
Effect of Heavy Metals on Innate Immunity
Effect of Heavy Metals on Adaptive Immunity
Mechanisms of Heavy Metal-Induced Immunotoxic/Immunomodulatory Effects
Influence of Heavy Metals on the Resistance Toward Infections
Chronic Inflammation and Autoimmunity
Metal Ions Affecting the Skin and Eyes / Alan B. G. Lansdown
Metal Ions and Metal Ion Gradients in the Physiology and Homeostasis of Mammalian Skin
Xenobiotic Metal Ions
Carcinogenicity of Metal Ions in the Skin
The Eye
General Conclusions
Metal Ions Affecting the Neurological System
Metals Affecting the Neurological System
Interaction of Metals and Neurological Effects
Interactions of Metals with Other Chemicals
Metal Ions Affecting Reproduction and Development / Pietro Apostoli ; Simona Catalani
Time and Duration of Exposure
Mechanisms of Action
Reproductive Effects
Abortions and Other Pregnancy Effects
Prenatal Exposure and Developmental Effects
Early Postnatal Exposure and Developmental Effects
Concluding Remarks and Needs for Further Research
Are Cadmium and Other Heavy Metal Compounds Acting as Endocrine Disrupters? / Andreas Kortenkamp
A Model for Estrogen Receptor Activation by Cadmium
Cadmium Exposure and Cancer Risks in Endocrine-Sensitive Tissues
In Vivo Studies of Estrogenic Effects of Cadmium
Cadmium and Other Heavy Metals in In Vitro Cell-Based Assays of Estrogenicity
Weight of Evidence and Implications for Human Risk Assessment
Genotoxicity of Metal Ions: Chemical Insights / Wojciech Bal ; Anna Maria Protas ; Kazimierz S. Kasprzak
Overview of Chemical and Biochemical Processes Leading to Genotoxic Lesions
Mechanisms of Metal Ion Genotoxicity
Genotoxic Properties of Selected Metals
Critical Overview of the Experimental Methods for Studying the Genotoxic Potential of Metals
Metal Ions in Human Cancer Development / Erik J. Tokar ; Lamia Benbrahim-Tallaa ; Michael P. Waalkes14:
Known Human Metallic Carcinogens
Probable and Possible Metallic Carcinogens
Potential Mechanisms of Metallic Carcinogens
Periods of Particular Sensitivity to Inorganic Carcinogens
Future Issues in Metal Carcinogenesis
Subject Index
Historical Development and Perspectives of the Series
Preface to Volume 8
Contributors to Volume 8


Astrid Sigel, Helmut Sigel
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Astrid Sigel, Helmut Sigel
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