Leeds-Lyon Symposium on Tribology, G. Dalmaz, D. Dowson, Duncan Dowson
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edited by G. Dalmaz ... [et al.]
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シリーズ名: Tribology series ; 39
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Section Headings
Dynamic friction
Contact mechanics
Hydrodynamic lubrication
Friction: industrial applications
Grease lubrication
Third body
Test machines
Contact fatigue I
Elastohydrodynamic lubrication
Friction, abrasion and corrosion
Real area of contact
Contact fatigue II
Automotive tribology I
Soft materials
Numerical methods
Non-newtonian lubrication I
Non-newtonian lubrication II
Automative tribology II
Section Headings
Dynamic friction


edited by G. Dalmaz ... [et al.]
出版情報: Amsterdam ; Tokyo : Elsevier, 2004  xix, 872 p. ; 27 cm
シリーズ名: Tribology series ; 43
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List of Reviewers
Opening / Session I:
Transient Process in "Soft" Tribology: Ageing, Jamming, Healing / T. Baumberger
Transient Processes as Impediments to Modeling / K.C. Ludema
Rheology / Session II:
Rheology and Tribology / R.I. Tanner
The Influence of Soot on Lubricating Films / H. Fujita ; H. Spikes
Mechanism of Metal Doping Effect on Lubricity of DLC Films / T. Numata ; S. Sasaki
Granular & Molecular Lubrication / Session III:
Macroscopic Friction of Dry Granular Materials / F. da Cruz ; F. Chevoir ; J.-N. Roux ; I. Iordanoff
Kinetics of Particle Detachment: Contribution of a Granular Model / N. Fillot ; Y. Berthier
The Effect of Surface Structure on Properties of Lubricants in Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Thin Films / A. Jabbarzadeh ; P. Harrowell
Numerical Study of the Wear Flows in a Plane Contact / A. Saulot ; C. Safon
Automotive 1 / Session IV:
Evolution of Tribofilms Under Lubrication Conditions Experienced in Engine Valve Trains / J.H. Green ; A. Morina ; M. Priest ; A. Neville
Rattling and Clattering Noise in Automotive Transmissions - Simulation of Drag Torque and Noise / S.N. Dogan ; J. Ryborz ; B. Bertsche
Transient Effects in Engines Operating at Steady Speeds and Loads / R.I. Taylor
On the Vibration in Wet Friction Systems Using Paper-Based Materials / Y. Sambongi ; T. Shibuya ; S. Morishita
Roughness / Session V:
Ultrasonic Determination of Normal and Shear Interface Stiffness and the Effect of Poisson's Ratio / R.S. Dwyer-Joyce ; M. Gonzalez-Valadez
Ultrasonic Characterisation of a Wheel/Rail Contact / M.B. Marshall ; R. Lewis ; U. Olofsson ; S. Bjorklund
The Relationship between Frictional Sound and Lumps Build-up at the Contact Interface in Single-pass Dry Sliding between Aluminium Pin and Flat / B. Stoimenov ; K. Kato
Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication 1 / Session VI:
Non-Newtonian Effects in Rough EHL Contacts / K.Y. Li ; C.J. Hooke
The Response of Thermal Newtonian and Non-Newtonian EHL to the Vertical Vibration of a Roller / F. Liu ; P. Yang ; Z.M. Jin ; D. Dowson
Contact Dynamics of EHL Contacts with Time Varying Operating Conditions / C.H. Venner ; G. Popovisi ; Y.H. Wijnant
Transient Effects in EHL Point and Line Contacts having Rough Transverse Surface Finish / M.J.A. Holmes ; H. Qiao ; H.P. Evans ; R.W. Snidle
Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication 2 / Session VII:
Non-Newtonian Effects in Dynamic EHL Contacts
A Deterministic Model of Mixed EHL in Line Contact Considering the Three-Dimensional Surface Roughness / K. Ichimaru ; T. Morita
On the Transition from Reynolds to Stokes Roughness / J. Tichy ; B. Bou-Said
The Effect of Two-Sided Roughness in Rolling/Sliding EHL Line Contact / A. Almqvist ; R. Larsson
Transient Thermo-EHl Theory of Point Contact - The Process of a Bump on the Fast Surface Passing a Bump on the Slower Surface / J. Ciu
Automotive 2 / Session VIII:
Investigation of Reciprocating Conformal Contact of Piston Skirt and Ring-Pack to Cylinder Liner under Transient Condition / S. Balakrishnan ; S. Howell-Smith ; R.H. Rahnejat
Micro-Slip Transient Adhesion in Elastomers / T. Fujimoto ; D.F. Moore
Numerical Simulation of Oil-Film Behaviour on Cylinder Liners in Sliding Contacts with Piston Rings / H. Tanaka
An Innovative Integrated Approach to Testing Motorcycle Drive Chain Lubricants / P.M. Lee
Hydrodynamic Lubrication and Seals / Session IX:
Further Transient Test Results for a Pivoted-Pad Thrust Bearing / S.B. Glavatskih ; D.M.C. McCarthy ; I. Sherrington
A Fast Approach to Model Hydrodynamic Behaviour of Journal Bearings for Analysis of Crankshaft and Engine Dynamics / M.-T. MA ; G. Offner ; B. Loibnegger ; H.H. Priebsch ; I.R.W. McLuckie
Metal Forming / Session X:
Transient Tribology in Metal Forming / W.R.D. Wilson
A Friction Model for Mixed Lubrication Regime Coupled to a Prediction of a Local Thermal Contact Resistance for Axisymmetric Configurations / L. Baillet ; E. Vidal-Salle ; J.C. Boyer
Modelling of the Friction Thermo-Mechanical Coupling at the Workpiece-Tool Interface During Bulk Forming Processes / A.-S. Marchand
Additives / Session XI:
Fundamental Study of Changes in Friction and Wear Characteristics due to ZnDTP Deterioration in Simulating Engine Oil Degradation During Use / M. Masuko ; T. Ohkido ; A. Suzuki ; T. Ueno
The Role of Mechanical and Chemical Processes in AntiWear Properties of ZDDP Tribofilms / C. Minfray ; J.M. Martin ; A.A. Lubrecht ; M. Belin ; T. Le Mogne
Performance and Surface Analysis of Tapered Bearings Lubricated with a Manual Transmission Fluid / C.F. Kernizan ; S. Hurley ; M. Gahagan ; W.D. Jennings
Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication 3 / Session XII:
Behaviour of Point Contact EHL Films under Pulsating Loads / M. Sakamoto ; H. Nishikawa ; M. Kaneta
The Influence of Lubricant Properties on EHD Film Thickness in Variable Speed Conditions / R.P. Glovnea ; H.A. Spikes
Experimental Analysis of a High Pressure Lubricated Contact under Dynamic Normal Excitation Force / T. El Kilali ; J. Perret-Liaudet ; D. Mazuyer
Direct Observation of the Behaviour of real Surface Roughness Passing Through EHD Point Contact / M. Hartl ; I. Krupka ; M. Liska
Measurements of EHL Film Temperature between Sapphire Disk and Longitudinally Grooved Steel Ball under High Slip Ratio Conditions / K. Yagi ; K. Kyogoky ; T. Nakahara
Bearings / Session XIII:
The Influence of Boundary Layer Properties on Grease Lubricated High-Speed Ball Bearing Performance / S.B. Wiendl ; W.-R. Zabel ; G. Poll ; H.-H. Gatzen
Dynamic Behaviour of Ball Motion and its Effect on Oil Film Formation in Ball Screw / A. Nakajima ; T. Mawatari
Wear Protection and Low Friction in Roller Bearings by Different PVD-Coating Systems / M. Kuhn ; P.W. Gold ; J. Loos
Friction 1 / Session XIV:
Normal and Tangential Fluctuations in Sliding Friction / K. Nakano ; K. Yamamoto ; J. Watanabe
High Frequency Noise Generation From Components in Sliding Contact: Flutter Instabilities Including the Role of Surface Roughness and Friction / A. Soom ; C.I. Serpe ; G.F. Dargush
Adhesion and Friction of Hydrogenated DLC Films with Adsorbed Water Studied by In-situ AFM/FFM / N. Ohmae ; M. Tagawa
Measurement of Transient Friction Hysteresis / S. Filippi ; M. Citelli ; A. Akay
Microtribological Behaviour of Monodisperse Polystyrene / R.P. Schaake ; W.P. Vellinga ; H.E.H. Meijer
Friction 2 / Session XV:
Multiscale Thermomechanical Analysis of Sliding Rings from Short-Time Transients to Steady-State / C-H. Wang ; M.M. Grigoriev
History-Dependent Synchronization in the Burridge-Knopoff Model / J. Szkutnik ; B. Kawecka-Magiera ; K. Kulakowski
Dynamic Friction Evolution during Transient Sliding / G. Chevallier ; F. Macewko ; F. Robbe-Valloire
Dry Friction: Influence of Local Dynamic Aspect on Contact Pressure, Kinematics and Friction / V. Linck
Transient and Stationary Changes of the Mechanical Properties of the First Body Governed by the Hydrostatic Pressure Component of the Local Stress State During Dry Friction / A. Eleod ; T. Torkoly
Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication 4 / Session XVI:
Observation and Numerical Simulation of Oil-Film Formation under Reciprocating Rolling Point Contact / N. Izumi ; S. Tanaka
Starved Lubrication of Isoviscous Rigid Elliptical Contacts / M.-P. Noutary
Calculation of Friction in Steady-State and Transient EHL Simulations / C.E. Goodyer ; R. Fairlie ; D.E. Hart ; M. Berzins ; L.E. Scales
Optimum Time Step in a Transient EHL Contact / B. Watrementz ; F. Colin
Failure and Wear / Session XVII:
An Experimental Study of Micropitting, using a New Miniature Test-Rig / C. Benyajati ; A.V. Olver ; C.J. Hamer
Effect of Rough Surfaces on Rolling Contact Fatigue. Theoretical and Experimental Analysis / C. Paulin ; F. Ville ; P. Sainsot ; S. Coulon
Development of Rolling Contact Damage in Two Bronze Alloys / S. Medina ; B. Shollock
Transient Processes in Friction and Wear of Cast Iron under Severe Sliding Conditions / K. Hayashi ; K. Hirasata ; H. Matsunami ; M. Sakata
Influence of Tool Steel Microstructure on Galling Resistance against Stainless Steel / I. Heikkila
Experimental and Analytical Scuffing Criteria for FZG Gears / J. Castro ; A. Sottomayor ; J. Seabra
Coatings / Session XVIII:
Morphological Effect on Lubricity of Ag Thin Films / M. Goto ; F. Honda
Tribological Characteristics of Ti-Si-N Films Deposited by Unbalanced DC Magnetron Sputtering / S.C. Tung ; N. Jiang ; Y.G. Shen ; L. Li ; Y-W. Mai ; T. Chan
Ultra-low Friction Properties of DLC Lubricated with Ester Containing Oil. Part 1: Pin-on-disc & SRV Friction Tests / M. Kano ; Y. Yasuda ; Y. Mabuchi ; J. Ye ; S. Konishi
Ultra-low Friction Properties of DLC Lubricated with Ester Containing Oil. Part 2: Nanoscratch Analysis of Surface Friction / K. Ueoka
Wear / Session XIX:
Wedge Wear Tests of Low Carbon Steel and Malleable Iron / A.K. Zschocke ; Y. Blake ; A.A. Torrance
Electrostatic Wear Sensing of Ceramic-Steel Lubricated Contacts / L. Wang ; R.J.K. Wood ; I. Care ; H. Powrie
Identification of the Mechanisms of Wear During Sliding of Metallic Materials at Elevated Temperature using an Optical Interferometer / A. Pauschitz ; M. Roy ; F. Franek
Wheel-Rail Wear and Surface Damage Caused by Adhesion Sanding
Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication 5 / Session XX:
The Effect of Transient Loading on Contact Replenishment with Lubricating Greases / P.M. Cann
Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication Analysis of Metal-on-Metal Hip Implants under Start-up and Stopping Conditions / D. Jalali-Vahid
Line Contact Thermal Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication Subjected to Longitudinal Vibration
Measurement and Prediction of Spin Losses in the EHL Point Contacts of the Full Toroidal Variator / J. Newall ; A. Lee
Friction and Wear / Session XXI:
Friction Investigation under Constant and Variable Speed Conditions / R. Bassani ; E. Ciulli
Experimental Evaluation and Numerical Simulation of MIL-L-23699 Traction Curves / A. Campos ; L. Flamand ; D. Nelias
The Interaction of Wear Rate and Friction with Surface Roughness for a Lubricated Sliding Contact / D.J.W. Barrell
Characteristics and Corrosion-Wear Response of S-Phase Coated Ortron 90 / C.F. Pina ; K.L. Dahm ; J. Fisher ; P.A. Dearnley
Written Discussion
List of Delegates
List of Reviewers
Opening / Session I: