sponsored by United Engieering Foundation, Environmental and Water Resources Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers ; edited by Ben R. Urbonas
出版情報: Reston, Va. : American Society of Civil Engineers, c2002  xiii, 571 p. ; 22 cm
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Summary of Emergent Urban Stormwater Themes / Ben R. Urbonas ; Jonathan E. Jones
Keynoting the Topic / Session 1:
Urban Watershed Trends: Looking Over the Divide / Stuart G. Walesh
Improving Water Quality in Urban Watersheds / Michael B. Cook ; Kevin M. DeBell
Urban Watershed Needs in the 21st Century: An EWRI/ASCE Perspective / Conrad G. Keyes, Jr.
Best Management Practices (BMPs) and In-Stream Integrity in Urban Areas / Session 2:
Can In-Stream Integrity be Obtained Through On-Site Controls? / Douglas T. Sovern ; Anne MacDonald
Structural and Non-Structural Best Management Practices (BMPs) for Protecting Streams / Richard Horner ; Christopher May ; Eric Livingston ; David Blaha ; Mateo Scoggins ; Julia Tims ; John Maxted
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) National Monitoring Program: Long-Term Urban Nonpoint Source (NPS) Projects / Thomas E. Davenport ; Jean Spooner ; Laura A. Lombardo ; Garry L. Grabow
What We Know About Impacts of Urbanization on Receiving Waters / Session 3:
Environmental Assessment of Construction and Land Development / Jesse W. Pritts ; Karen Maher ; John E. Swanson ; James Collins ; Michael L. Clar
Planning and Assessment of Best Management Practices (BMPs) in the Rouge River Watershed / Kelly A. Cave ; Carl R. Johnson
Relationships of Stream Responses to Hydrologic Changes / Brian P. Bledsoe
Observed Stream Responses to Changes in Runoff Quality / Edwin E. Herricks
Zero and Deminims Impact Policy Issues / Session 4:
Urban Aquatic Life Uses--A Regulatory Perspective / William F. Swietlik
Zero Impact Policy Issues and Concerns: Municipal Perspective / Doug Harrison
Prospects for Low Impact Land Development at Watershed Level / Thomas R. Schueler ; Deborah S. Caraco
Low-Impact Development (LID): Is it Really Low or Just Lower? / Eric W. Strecker
Design of Sustainable Urban Water Resources / Session 5:
Recent Experiences in the Use of Best Management Practices (BMPs) in Malmo, Sweden / Peter Stahre
Mitigating Stream Erosion in the Denver Metropolitan Area / David W. Lloyd ; William G. DeGroot ; Mark R. Hunter ; Bryan W. Kohlenberg
Effect of Detention and Best Management Practices (BMPs) on Flow Frequency of Runoff / Seth M. Nehrke ; Larry A. Roesner
Wet-Weather Pollution Prevention by Product Substitution / Shirley Clark ; Richard Field ; Robert Pitt
Information and Monitoring Needs for Evaluating the Mitigation Effects of Best Management Practices (BMPS) / Session 6:
Relating Instream Biological Condition to Best Management Practices (BMPs) in Watershed / James B. Stribling ; Erik W. Leppo ; James D. Cummins ; John Galli ; Sharon Meigs ; Larry Coffman ; Mow-Soung Cheng
Use of Environmental Indicators to Assess Stormwater Program / Dan Cloak ; Jill C. Bicknell
Methods for the Assessment of Urban Wet-Weather Flow Impacts / G. Allen Burton
Experience and Science Outside United States / Session 7:
Development of Best Management Practices (BMPs): Progress in France and Western Europe / B. Chocat ; S. Barraud ; E. Alfakih
Best Management Practices (BMPs) in Urban Stormwater Management in Denmark and Sweden / Peter S. Mikkelsen ; Maria Viklander ; Jens J. Linde ; Per-Arne Malmqvist
Australian Urban Water Best Management Practices (BMPs) Strategic Review / Ian Lawrence
Auckland Experience with Best Management Practices (BMPs) Mitigating Adverse Impacts / Earl Shaver ; Chris Hatton
Concurrent Workshops / Session 8:
Research Needs to Quantify the Impacts of Urbanization on Streams / James P. Heaney
Economic and Social Impacts of Zero--Deminims Impact Policies / George F. McMahon
Assessing Receiving Water Effects of Urban Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs)
Closure Session / Session 9:
Report on Workshop Session: Research Needs to Quantify Urbanization Impacts on Streams
Report on Workshop Session: Economic and Social Impacts of Zero, or Deminims, Impact Policies
Report on Workshop Session: Quantifying Relationships of Best Management Practices (BMPs) and Receiving Water Impact Prevention
Discussion on Knowledge Needs for Environmental Indicators
Summary of Presentations at the August 2001 Conference
Poster Session Papers / Appendix A:
Stormwater Best Management Practice (BMP) Technology Assessment Protocols / Michael Clar ; Jim Collins ; Hunter Loftin ; Amy Butler ; Amy Cosgrove ; Dacia Mosso ; Jesse Pritts ; Eric Strassler
Low Impact Development (LID) Case Studies / Betty Rushton
Best Management Practice (BMP) Filters: Upflow Versus Downflow / Anitha Balakrishnan
Effect of Anaerobiosis on Filter Media Pollutant Retention / Pauline Brown
Compilation of Regulatory Requirements for Stormwater Runoff
Absorption of Phosphorus by Cattail Callus Cells / L. Estime ; M. O'Shea ; M. Borst
Flushing for Sewer Corrosion and Pollution Control / Chi-Yuan Fan
Guide Manual for "Heart of the City": Burnsville, Minnesota / Ron Leaf ; Joel Schilling ; Jon French ; Mark Lobermeier
Performance of Best Management Practices (BMPs) in Scotland / Kirsteen C.B. Macdonald ; Chris Jefferies
Stormwater Treatment: Ponds Versus Constructed Wetlands / Christopher T. Nietch ; Michael Borst ; Marie L. O'Shea
Full-Scale Tests of the Multi-Chambered Treatment Train (MCTT)
Measurements of Infiltration Rates in Compacted Urban Soils / Shen-En Chen ; Choo Keong Ong
Cost Estimating for Best Management Practices / Ramjee Raghavan ; Richard N. Koustas ; Shih-Long Liao
Analysis of Heavy Metals in Stormwater / Mary Ellen Tuccillo
Treatment of Stormwater by Natural Organic Materials / Izabela Wojtenko ; A. Ray
List of Attendees / Appendix B:
Subject Index
Author Index
Summary of Emergent Urban Stormwater Themes / Ben R. Urbonas ; Jonathan E. Jones
Keynoting the Topic / Session 1:
Urban Watershed Trends: Looking Over the Divide / Stuart G. Walesh


sponsored by Environmental and Water Resources Institute (EWRI) of the American Society of Civil Engineers ; edited by Craig. L. Patterson, Scott D. Struck, Daniel J. Murray, Jr.
出版情報: Reston, Va. : ASCE, c2013  1 CD-ROM ; 12 cm
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