edited by P.F. Gobin and J. Tatibouët
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Concept of and the recent research on intelligent materials / Toshinori Takagi
Intelligent materials and systems as a basis for innovative technologies in transportation vehicles / Christian Boller
Biomimetic materials and structures / Danilo de Rossi
Intelligent biointerface: remote control for hydrophilic-hydrophobic property of the material surfaces by temperature / Teruo Okano ; Akihiko Kikuchi
Materials and their uses / Pierre Richard
Research and commercialization obstacles and opportunities for intelligent material systems / Craig A. Rogers
Design of intelligent biomolecular materials with engineered protein assemblies / Masuo Aizawa ; N. Damrongchai ; T. Haruyama ; E. Kobatake
Design of conductive nanospace interfaces for the smooth electrochemical communication between redox enzyme proteins and electrodes / Hiroaki Shinohara ; Masahiko Sisido
Intelligent molecules: examples from biological charge transport / Leonid N. Christophorov
Control of the activity of an enzyme immobilized into thermoreversible hydrogel / Larisa V. Sigolaeva ; Nicolay L. Eremeev ; Novella F. Kazanskaya
Metallization of bacterial surface layer by cross-beam pulsed laser deposition / Wolfgang Pompe ; Michael Mertig ; Remo Kirsch ; Andre A. Gorbunov ; Andreas Sewing ; Harald Engelhardt ; Axel Mensch
Collagen assembly from acid solution to networks on solid surfaces and to fibrils / Jens-Hilmar Bradt ; Bettina Winzer ; Uwe Thiele
Blubber and compliant coatings for drag reduction in fluids III: viscoelastic properties of dolphin blubber matched by a gel-foam composite / Edwin R. Fitzgerald ; James W. Fitzgerald
Some aspects of health monitoring in composite materials / Karl Schulte
Proposal for a new maintenance inspection / Koichi Egawa
Qualitative nondestructive evaluation research at CIMSS / Frederic Lalande
Use of in-situ dielectric sensing for intelligent processing and health monitoring / D. Kranbuehl ; H. Aandahl ; N. Haralampus ; W. Newby ; David Hood ; G. Boiteux ; G. Seytre ; Jean P. Pascault ; A. Maazouz ; J. F. Gerard ; H. Sautereau ; J. F. Chailan ; A. C. Loos ; J. D. Macrae
Impact damage diagnostics for composite structures using built-in sensors and actuators / Michael Tracy ; Youn-Seo Roh ; Fu-Kuo Chang
Sensor technology for structural integrity monitoring / R. Jones ; W. K. Chiu ; S. Pitt
Evaluation of Lamb wave performance for the health monitoring of composites using bonded piezoelectric transducers / H. Kaczmarek ; C. Simon ; C. Delebarre
Carbon fibres: sensor components for smart materials / Olivier Ceysson ; Tania Risson ; Michelle Salvia
Application of a laser Raman sensor for stress monitoring in composites / Bish Arjyal ; Costas Galiotis
Comparison between flat multi-element array device and oblique incidence transducers for Lamb waves generation: application for embedment in composite material / T. Demol ; P. Blanquet
Piezoelectric implant method: theoretical and experimental study of the influence of inherent geometrical and bonding defects / N. Saint-Pierre ; Y. Jayet ; J. C. Baboux
Piezoelectric implant: monitoring the water degradation in polymer-based composites / D. Zellouf ; Jacques Tatibouet
Two intelligent materials, both of which are self-forming and self-repairing; one also self-senses and recycles / Carolyn M. Dry
Ultrasonic condition monitoring of CFRP and GRP plates using a surface-mounted source and an embedded optical fibre sensor / Wayne R. Philp ; S. G. Pierce ; Anthony Gachagan ; Alistair McNab ; Gordon Hayward ; Brian Culshaw
Integration of optical fibers and piezoelectric ceramics in composite materials / S. Bourasseau ; M. Dupont ; M. Pernice ; Alain Thiriot ; D. Coutellier
Interferometric optical strain gauge: production, use, and comparison to conventional techniques / Marco Tatti ; G. Sala ; P. Mantegazza
Dual-wavelength operation of digital spatial domain multiplexed fibre sensor arrays for dynamic strain monitoring / Yigun Hu ; S. Chen
Optical fiber sensor for temperature measuring / Markijan Baran
Development of embedded sapphire optical waveguides for intelligent ceramic composites / Mahmoud A. El-Sherif ; Jayakumar Radhakrishnan ; Jianming Yuan
Practical terminations for optical fibres embedded in composite materials / A. K. Green ; S. Darvish ; Ehud Shafir
Strain and failure sensing by the fiber optic Michelson sensor embedded in composite beam / Chang-Sun Hong ; Il-Bum Kwon ; Chun-Gon Kim
Fatigue strength of glass reinforced polyester (GRP) laminates with embedded optical fibers / Alfredo Guemes ; Jose M. Menendez
Examination of reliability of fibre optic sensors embedded in carbon/epoxy composites / Klas Levin ; Soren Nilsson
Impact detection and vibration sensing for material composite structures by integrated optic fibre sensors / Le Du Michel ; M. Labarrere ; Rachid Gafsi ; Abdel R. Malki ; Pierre Lecoy
Using optical sensors to understand core crush in composite panels during processing / Nabil Zahlan ; Gordon T. Emmerson
Smart materials and sensors: a reality or a dream for tomorrow? / Jean-Claude Andre
Magnetic studies of persistent photoconductivity in compensated PbTe:Ga / A. N. Vasil'Ev ; T. N. Voloshok ; S. V. Kuvshinnikov
Photosensitive tetragonal germanium nanostructures deposited by cluster-beam evaporation / Shinji Nozaki ; Seiichi Sato ; Hiroshi Ono ; Hiroshi Morisaki ; Mitsuo Iwase ; Kiyoshi Takahashi
Semiconductor light detector with optical control of the photosensitive region for intelligent systems / Peter G. Kasherininov ; Andrei V. Kichaev
From intelligent materials to smart sensors / Elvira Fortunato ; Guilherme Lavareda ; Rodrigo Martins ; Fernando Soares ; Luis Fernandes
Investigations on porous silicon layers with regard to chemical microsensor applications / M. J. Schoening ; M. Crott ; F. Ronkel ; M. Thust ; J. W. Schultze ; P. Kordos ; Hans Lueth
Use of intelligent ceramic materials as a strategy for the development of chemical sensors / Enrico Traversa
Micro-Hall magnetic sensors with high magnetic sensitivity based on III-V heterostructures / S. del Medico ; Taha Benyattou ; Gerard Guillot ; T. Venet ; M. Gendry ; J. Tardy ; A. Chovet
Ultrasonic carbon-fiber gyrosensor / Yoshiro Tomikawa ; Kazuhiro Kimura ; Sumio Sugawara
Optoelectronic logical system with thin film photoconducting and electroluminescent devices / Zbigniew W. Porada
Adaptative fluids: rheology and light transmission control / G. Bossis ; S. Cutillas ; E. Lemaire ; A. Meunier ; O. Volkova
Engineering with ER fluids: a design methodology based upon generalised fluid data / D. J. Peel ; Roger Stanway ; W. A. Bullough
Chemical preparation of new magnetic fluids based on spinnel ferrite nanoparticles / F. A. Tourinho ; P. C. Morais ; M. H. Sousa ; L. G. Macedo
Magnetic particle-particle interaction in single-particle systems and agglomerates / M. C. Lara
Investigation of magnetic anisotropy in frozen magnetic fields / A. F. Bakuzis
Damping control of a CFRP cantilevered beam with electrorheological fluids actuator / Takehito Fukuda ; Nobuo Oshima
Nontraditional application of electrorheological effect / Evgenija V. Korobko
Polymer gel: soft and wet intelligent material / Yoshihito Osada ; Y. Ueoka ; J. P. Gong
Spontaneous motion of polymer gels on water / S. Matsumoto
Lumped parameter modeling of polymer gel for real-time control / Woojin Lee ; David Brock
Ion-exchange polymer artificial muscle and actuating system / Dominique Vial ; Bertrand Tondu ; Pierre Lopez ; Yves Aurelle ; Alain Ricard
Artificial muscles: influence of electrolyte concentration on bilayer movement / T. F. Otero ; J. M. Sansinena
Conducting polymer electromechanics: a continuum model of passive mechanical properties / A. della Santa ; A. Mazzoldi ; C. Tonci ; P. Chiarelli
Polymer composites for temperature and current sensors / Ralf G. Struempler
Interpolyelectrolyte complexes as smart binders with controllable stability in water-salt solutions / Dmitry V. Pergushov ; Vladimir A. Izumrudov ; Alexander B. Zezin ; Victor A. Kabanov
Superparamagnetic composite material based on polyaniline and magnetite / V. D. Pokhodenko ; O. Y. Posudievsky
Supramolecular polymers for optical resolution / Naoya Ogata
Opaque-transparent transition in polymeric hydrogel systems / Harald Goering ; Hans-Rainer Holzbauer ; Andreas Schoenhals ; Hans-Eckart Carius ; Arno Seeboth
Adaptable and adaptive materials for light flux control / Pierre Sixou ; A. Magnaldo ; J. Nourry ; C. Laye
Some functional macromolecules as exciton converters / Vladimir G. Syromyatnikov ; Valeriy Yashchuk ; Tymish Ogul'Chanski ; Kolendo Alexey ; Irina Savchenko ; Vladislav Kudrya
Memory elements based on inducted strain in polycarbonate / Janez Golobic ; Darko M. Vasiljevic
Thermomechanical properties of shape memory polymer of polyurethane series and their applications / Hisaaki Tobushi ; Hisashi Hara ; Etsuko Yamada ; Shunichi Hayashi
Dependence of the molecular dynamics of comblike polyacrylates and polymethacrylates on the mesophase structure studied by dielectric spectroscopy / Dietmar Wolff ; Juergen Springer
Gel-dispersed liquid crystals: a new material for displays
Polymer-dispersed liquid crystals: liquid crystal/polymer composites as electro-active materials / Humaria M. Siddiqi ; Michel Dumon
Adaptivity of shape memory alloys for use in adaptive materials / Jan van Humbeeck
Cyclic deformation properties of TiNi shape memory alloy under thermomechanical loading / Shinya Yamada ; Takashi Hachisuka ; Kikuaki Tanaka
Hysteretic behavior of NiTi shape memory alloy as a function of deformation, temperature, and rate of deformation / M. C. Piedboeuf ; R. Gauvin ; F. Trochu
Investigation of deformation and damping mechanisms in Ti-50.6% Ni alloy / Alexander A. Ilyin ; Igor S. Golovin ; Mikhail U. Kollerov ; Andrei A. Shinaev
Thermomechanical properties in CuAlNi shape memory alloys processed by powder metallurgy / J. San Juan ; R. B. Perez-Saez ; V. Recarte ; I. Saez-Ocariz ; M. L. No ; O. Ruano
Solder-paste/shape memory alloy composite for adaptive solder joint / S. Trombert ; Jean Chazelas ; P. Bonniau ; W. van Moorleghem ; M. Chandrasekaran ; J. F. Silvain
Comparison of the fatigue of two shape memory alloys(CuZnAl and TiNiCu) during shape memory effect cycles / M. J. Bigeon ; M. Morin
Shape memory alloy superelastic behavior: 3D finite-element simulations / F. Auricchio ; R. L. Taylor
Use of shape memory alloys in actuators / G. Guenin ; Ph. Gaudez
Stress-optimised shape memory microactuator / K. D. Skrobanek ; Manfred Kohl ; Shuichi Miyazaki
Large-stroke and high-strength actuator materials for adaptive structures / Kari Ullakko
Modelling of the thermomechanical behaviour of shape memory wires embedded in matrix materials / R. Stalmans ; L. Delaey
Active modification of the vibration frequencies of a polymer beam using shape memory alloy fibres / J.-E. Bidaux ; J.-A. E. Manson ; Rolf Gotthardt
Responses and responsive shape control of environmentally responsive composites with embedded TiNi alloy as effector / Hitoshi Yoshida ; Atsuo Funaki ; Shoichiro Yano
Influence of processing conditions on actuation properties of adaptive hybrid composites / J. Grando
Smart material thermal characterization: NiTi shape memory alloy embedded in a resin epoxy matrix / F. Thiebaud ; B. Zeghmati ; J. F. Charmoillaux ; C. Lexcellent
Mathematical modelling of the incomplete transformations in pseudoelastic processes in binary alloys / D. Vokoun ; V. Kafka
Sensor and actuator applications of piezocomposite materials in large smart structures / Robert Y. Ting
Fluoridated piezoelectric ceramics for power transducer / Lucien Eyraud ; Paul Eyraud ; Paul Gonnard ; David Audigier
Elaboration of PZT thick films by screen printing / V. Tajan ; M. Troccaz
Coformed accelerometer-actuator composites using injection-molded PZT / Robert D. Corsaro ; Joseph D. Klunder ; Richard L. Gentilman ; Daniel Fiore
Oxygen diffusion and defect structure in PTCR-barium titanate / Hajime Haneda ; Junzo Tanaka ; Takamasa Ishigaki
Composite transducer for shear stress measurement / Denis Roche ; Claude Richard ; Christian D. Audoly
Application of nonlinear dynamics in the study of ferroelectric materials / S. Blochwitz ; R. Habel ; M. Diestelhorst ; H. Beige
Power limitations in acoustic transducer due to PZT material nonlinearities / Nathalie Aurelle ; Daniel Guyomar
Sensor-actuator panels for underwater acoustic control / Brian H. Houston
Smart actuators with piezoelectric materials / Hartmut Janocha ; Daniel J. Jendritza ; Peter Scheer
Piezoelectric and electrostrictive bimorph actuators and sensors for smart microsystems / P. Gaucher
Micromechanical ultrasonic transducer for liquid nebulization / Roumiana Paneva
Two-dimensional (x-y) actuator using multimode degeneration of a piezoelectric ring vibrator / Takehiro Takano ; Hidetoshi Hata ; Seiji Hirose
Estimation of available performances of ultrasonic motors / Lionel Petit ; Laurent Lebrun ; Roland Briot
New multimode piezoelectric motor / F. Claeyssen ; R. Leletty ; L. Chouteau ; N. Lhermet
Model for the nonlinear response of a Terfenol-D-type magnetostrictive actuator / Antonio Desimone
Dynamic interaction between piezoelectric bonded actuators and an axial beam / Stefano Accettella ; Paolo Gaudenzi
Performance optimisation of active control with piezoceramics / Didier Lang ; Livier Reithler ; Christophe Rousset
Overview of active/passive damping techniques employing viscoelastic materials / Geoffrey R. Tomlinson
Smart composite cylindrical shells without vibration / Junji Tani ; Jinhao Qiu
High-precision form measurements through the use of adaptive structures technology / L. Flavio Campanile ; Rolf Lammering ; Joerg Melcher
Multimodal vibration control of laminated composite plates using piezoceramic materials / Young K. Kang ; Moon H. Kim ; Hyun C. Park ; Woonbong Hwang ; Kyung S. Han
Piezodamping: a low-power-consumption technique for semi-active damping of light structures / Dominique Bondoux
Control of high-frequency smart structures through embedded NiTiNOL fibers / A. V. Srinivasan ; D. Michael McFarland ; Howard A. Canistraro ; Eric K. Begg
Active vibration control by piezoceramic actuators on a jet aircraft partial frame structure / Leonardo Lecce ; Massimo Viscardi ; Stefania Cantoni
Reduction of the sound power radiation of a typical helicopter panel by the use of piezoceramic actuators / L. de Vivo ; A. Concilio
Piezoceramics/CFRP composites for active vibration control and shape control of aerospace structures / Ursula Herold-Schmidt ; Wolfgang Schaefer ; Helmut W. Zaglauer
Magnetic-field requirements for an active-control flap on a rotorcraft / Gregory P. Carman ; Milan Mitrovic
Active-control headset protector using piezoceramic material actuator / M. Brissaud ; J. C. Bera ; M. Sunyach
Actively enhanced porous layers for free-field acoustic absorption / Marc Furstoss ; Denis Thenail ; Marie-Annick Galland
Fabrication of polymers and composites containing embedded sensors / Hugh Denham ; Graeme George ; Llew Rintoul ; Paul Calvert
Self-controlled material processing / Yoshinobu Aoyagi
Research project on nanospace laboratory and related topics / Isao Yamada
Nanoscale processing by gas-cluster ion beams: novel technique in ion-beam processing / Jiro Matsuo
Cluster-assembled materials: a new class of nanostructured materials with original structures and properties / A. Perez ; P. Melinon ; V. Dupuis ; J. Tuaillon ; B. Prevel ; M. Pellarin ; J. L. Vialle ; M. Broyer
Application of ionized cluster beam (ICB) deposition / Alexander S. Zolkin
Exciton confinement effect in semiconductor quantum wells studied by resonant second harmonic generation / Hiroyuki Ito ; Fujio Minami ; Kouji Yoshida ; Kuon Inoue ; Kenji Watanabe
Direct formation of GaAs quantum dot structure by droplet epitaxy / Nobuyuki Koguchi ; Keiko Ishige
Optoelectronic functions in organic-inorganic hetero nanosystems / Jun Takada ; M. Hoshi ; T. yamamoto ; M. Watanabe
Morphology of thin film growth of gallium nitride by atmospheric pressure organometallic vapor phase epitaxy / S. M. Liao ; Jung-Hung Wen ; H. F. Hung ; S. M. Lan
Pinning-controlled metal/semiconductor interfaces / S. Hara ; T. Teraji ; H. Okushi ; Koji Kajimura
Two-dimensional design of intelligent materials: introduction of frontier ceramics (Froc) project / Hiroaki Yanagida
Sol-gel route to functional and hierarchical ceramic matrix composites / Ph. Colomban
Thermodynamic considerations on mass transfer along and across grain boundaries in ceramic materials / Harumi Yokokawa ; Natsuko Sakai ; Teruhisa Horita ; Masayuki Dokiya
Defect control in crystal growth of photorefractive materials / Kenji Kitamura ; Nobuo Iyi
Self-organization of phthalocyanine molecules along the atomic step arrays on sapphire / Takayoshi Hayashi ; Akira Yamashita ; Tohru Maruno ; Stefan Foelsch ; Shiro Matsumoto ; Hideo Konami ; Masahiro Hatano
Growth and tubule formation of boron filament by electron-beam heating in an electron microscope / Masato Tomita ; Satoru Suzuki
Modified aerosol pyrolysis as a preparation route of hexaferrite particles for magnetic media / V. Pankov ; A. Henis ; D. Dubanevich ; A. Malashevich ; A. Shablovski
Formation method of particles arrangement on substrate and its analysis / Mikihiko Kobayashi ; Hiroshi Fudouzi ; Mitsuru Egashira ; Norio Shinya
Effects of double Schottky barrier on the electric properties of ceramic semiconductors / Kazuo Mukae ; Koichi Tsuda ; Akinori Tanaka
Design and manufacturing of material microstructures and micromechanisms / Ole Sigmund
Dynamic controller which insures a given exponential decay rate: application to the stabilization of plate vibrations with piezoelectric actuators / Michel Lenczner
Optimal placement of piezoelectric actuators in intelligent structures using genetic algorithms / In Lee ; Jae-Hung Han
Smart system model: thin plate with distributed sensors and actuators / M. Rahmoune ; D. Osmont
Dynamic analysis of peizoelectric actuator bonded on beam / Xiaoming Wang ; Claus Ehlers ; Manfred Neitzel
Bodies with controllable constitutive laws: some mathematical issues for active optimisation / Maurizio Brocato
Use of artificial neural networks as estimators and controllers / A. Sorrentino
Active control of blade-vortex interactions using a neuro-fuzzy controller / Ramesh Swaminathan ; J. V. Prasad ; L. N. Sankar
Controlling a chaotic response / M. Battaini ; F. Casciati
Finite-element modeling of PMN electrostrictive materials / J. C. Debus ; B. Dubus ; Michele D. McCollum ; S. Black
Bifurcation diagrams and dissipative structures formation in noncrystalline materials / Alexei Shatalov ; Michael Maryan ; Alexander A. Kikineshi
Thermal protection memory capacity / Aleksey K. Alekseev
Distributed sensing for intelligent civil engineering structures / W. Craig Michie
Synthesis of science and art: creating a new domestic world of sensual products / Chris Thorpe ; Clifford M. Friend
Smart materials in construction / Anthony Sheehan
Smart earthquake-resistant materials: using time-released adhesives for damping, stiffening, and deflection control
Active materials for application in room acoustics / Xavier Meynial
Concept of functional materials use in unconventional means for nuclear plants / R. R. Ionaitis
Elaboration and description of the first application of nitinol extravessel corrector with the shape memory effect / S. D. Prokoshkin ; A. C. Butckevitch ; A. P. Chadaev ; E. P. Ryklina ; I. Y. Khmelevskaya
Biomedical engineering in design and application of nitinol stents with shape memory effect / Tamara V. Morozova
Temperature measurement of the human body / B. Stadnyk ; M. Stepanyak ; E. Dziuban
Concept of and the recent research on intelligent materials / Toshinori Takagi
Intelligent materials and systems as a basis for innovative technologies in transportation vehicles / Christian Boller
Biomimetic materials and structures / Danilo de Rossi


European Conference on Smart Structures and Materials, Clifford M. Friend, P. F. Gobin, European Optical Society.
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