editors, Stefano Boccaletti ... [et al.]
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シリーズ名: AIP conference proceedings ; v. 622
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Forcing, Coupling, and Feedback of Chaotic Electrochemical Oscillators / I. Z. Kiss ; W. Wang ; J. L. Hudson
Design Principles of Hyperchaotic Circuits / K. Murali ; E. Lindberg ; H. Leung
Chaos-Based Signal Processing / M. Ogorzalek
Broadband Hyperchaotic Oscillator with Delay Line / A. Cenys ; A. N. Anagnostopoulos ; G. Mykolaitis ; S. Bumeliene ; A. Tamasevicius
Experimental Behavior of a Dissipative Toda-Rayleigh Ring / E. del Rio ; V. A. Makarov ; M. G. Velarde ; W. Ebeling
Motor Maps for Nonlinear Control / P. Arena ; M. Bucolo ; L. Fortuna ; M. Frasca
Geophysics and Astrophysics
Chaos in the Music of the Spheres / J. R. Buchler ; Z. Kollath ; R. Cadmus
Multifractality and Chaos in the Solar Wind / W. M. Macek
A Wavelet-Based Method for Multifractal Analysis of Rough Surfaces: Applications to High-Resolution Satellite Images of Cloud Structure / A. Arneodo ; S. G. Roux ; N. Decoster
Neuroscience and Physiology
Control of Seizing Neuronal Networks / B. J. Gluckman
Statistical versus Individual Forecasting of Life-Threatening Cardiac Arrhythmias / N. Wessel ; U. Meyerfeldt ; C. Ziehmann ; A. Schirdewan ; J. Kurths
Bones and Nonlinear Dynamics--The Quantification of Architecture / W. Gowin ; P. Saparin ; D. Felsenberg
Nonlinear Dynamics of a Small Biological Neural Network / A. I. Selverston ; M. I. Rabinovich ; H. D. I. Abarbanel
Homoclinic Bifurcation in a Thermally Sensitive Neuron / U. Feudel ; A. Neiman ; X. Pei ; W. Wojtenek ; F. Moss
Periodic Forcing of Congenital Nystagmus / R. A. Clement ; R. V. Abadi ; D. S. Broomhead ; J. P. Whittle
Complexity of EEG-Signal in Time Domain--Possible Biomedical Application / W. Klonowski ; E. Olejarczyk ; R. Stepien
Data Analysis
Continuous Nonlinear Delayed-Feedback Dynamics from Noisy Observations / H. U. Voss ; W. Horbelt ; J. Timmer
A New Surrogate for Experimental Data Analysis / K. T. Dolan ; M. L. Spano
Predicting Phase Synchronization from Nonsynchronized Chaotic Data / I. Tokuda
A Surrogate Test for Pseudo-periodic Time Series Data / M. Small ; R. G. Harrison ; C. K. Tse
A Dynamical Approach for Modeling and Control of Production Systems / B. Scholz-Reiter ; M. Freitag ; A. Schmieder
Analysis of the Dynamics of Transition from Deep to Shallow Penetration CO[subscript 2] Laser Welding / E. Govekar ; J. Gradisek ; I. Grabec ; M. Geisel ; A. Otto ; M. Geiger
Experimental Verification of the Performance of Chaos-Based Asynchronous DS-CDMA Systems / F. Agnelli ; G. Mazzini ; R. Rovatti ; G. Setti
Communication Using Synchronization of Chaos in Semiconductor Lasers with Optoelectronic Feedback / S. Tang ; L. Illing ; J. M. Liu ; M. B. Kennel
Design and Realisation of Chaotic Encryption Systems / W. Schwarz ; T. Falk
Order and Disorder in Traffic and Self-Driven Many-Particle Systems / D. Helbing
Transportation Networks: Dynamics and Simulation / S. G. Eubank
Controlling Cyclic Combustion Variations in Lean-Fueled Spark-Ignition Engines / C. S. Daw ; J. B. Green Jr. ; R. M. Wagner ; C. E. A. Finney ; L. I. Davis Jr. ; L. A. Feldkamp ; J. W. Hoard ; F. Yuan ; F. T. Connolly
Criticality on Flame Spreading over Liquid Fuels / E. Degroote ; P. L. Garcia-Ybarra
Dynamics of Pulsating and Cellular Flames Using a High-Speed, High-Sensitivity Camera / M. Gorman
Dynamics of Coupled Nd:YVO[subscript 4] Microchip Lasers / B. Forsmann ; A. Kornfeld ; N. Benkert ; J. Schuttler ; M. Schulke ; M. Moller
Localized Structures in Nonlinear Optics: Spatial Features and Interactions / P. L. Ramazza ; E. Benkler ; S. Boccaletti ; U. Bortolozzo ; S. Ducci ; F. T. Arecchi
Fractals in Microcavities: Giant Coupled, Multiplicative Enhancement of Optical Responses / W.-T. Kim ; V. P. Safonov ; V. M. Shalaev ; R. L. Armstrong
Chaotic On-Off Keying in Laser Systems for Optical Secure Communications / A. Uchida ; M. Shinozuka ; S. Kinugawa ; S. Yoshimori ; F. Kannari
GHz Bandwidth Chaotic Optical Data Encryption Using External Cavity Diode Lasers / J. Paul ; S. Sivaprakasam ; P. Spencer ; P. Rees ; K. A. Shore
Coherence Resonance in Stimulated Brillouin Scattering / J. D. Simonotto ; V. Kovalev
Experimental Observation of Synchronization and Anti-Synchronization of Chaotic Low-Frequency Fluctuations in External Cavity Semiconductor Lasers / I. Wedekind ; U. Parlitz
Lagrangian Measurement in Fully Developed Turbulence / N. Mordant ; P. Metz ; J.-F. Pinton ; O. Michel
Circle Map Dynamics in the Bubble Gun Experiment / A. Tufaile ; J. C. Sartorelli
The Dynamics of Bound States of Topological Defects in Extended Spatially Periodic Structures / A. B. Ezersky ; S. V. Kiyashko ; A. B. Nazarovsky
Complexity and Self-Organization in Large Arrays of Elastic Rods in Air Cross-Flow / M. Kuroda ; F. C. Moon
Stability and Transition to Chaos in the Spherical Couette Flow with Counter Rotating Boundaries / S. Gertsenshtein ; D. Jilenko ; O. Krivonosova
Condensed Matter
On-Off Intermittency and Stochastically Driven Convection in Nematic Liquid Crystals / U. Behn ; T. John ; R. Stannarius
First-Order Freedricksz Transition in a Liquid-Crystal Light Valve / M. G. Clerc ; T. Nagaya ; S. Residori ; C. S. Riera
Peculiarities of Stochastic Resonance in Ferroelectric Triglycine Sulfate / M. Diestelhorst ; K. Drozhdin
Generalized Synchronization of Chaos in a Laser / D. Y. Tang
Experimental Observation of Coherence and Stochastic Resonances in an Electronic Chua Circuit / O. Calvo ; I. Gomes ; C. R. Mirasso ; R. Toral
Chaos-Synchronization in Semiconductor Laser Systems: An Optical Phase-Dependent Scenario / M. Peil ; T. Heil ; I. Fischer ; W. Elsasser
Noise Robust Synchronized Chaotic Circuits / T. Carroll
Liquid Sodium Experiments: The Effect of Turbulence and Lorentz Forces / D. R. Sisan ; W. L. Shew ; D. P. Lathrop
Water Experiments Related to the "Von Karman Sodium" Dynamo Project / L. Marie ; M. Bourgoin ; F. Petrelis ; J. Roy ; J. Burguete ; A. Chiffaudel ; F. Daviaud ; S. Fauve ; P. Odier
Self-Organization of Two-Dimensional Insect Neural Networks / A. Ayali ; O. Shefi ; E. Ben-Jacob
Complex Synchronization Phenomena in Ecological Systems / L. Stone ; R. Olinky ; B. Blasius ; A. Huppert ; B. Cazelles
Author Index
Forcing, Coupling, and Feedback of Chaotic Electrochemical Oscillators / I. Z. Kiss ; W. Wang ; J. L. Hudson


Arkady Pikovsky, Jürgen Kurths, Michael Rosenblum
出版情報: Cambridge University Press Online Books , Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2001
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Introduction / 1:
Synchronization Without Formulae / Part I:
Basic notions: the self-sustained oscillator and its phase / 2:
Synchronization of a periodic oscillator by external force / 3:
Synchronization of two and many oscillators / 4:
Synchronization of chaotic systems / 5:
Detecting synchronization in experiments / 6:
Phase Locking and Frequency Entrainment / Part II:
Synchronization of periodic oscillators by periodic external action / 7:
Mutual synchronization of two interacting periodic oscillators / 8:
Synchronization in the presence of noise / 9:
Phase synchronization of chaotic systems / 10:
Synchronization in oscillatory media / 11:
Populations of globally coupled oscillators / 12:
Synchronization of Chaotic Systems / Part III:
Complete synchronization I: basic concepts / 13:
Complete synchronization II: generalizations and complex systems / 14:
Synchronization of complex dynamics by external forces / 15:
Discovery of synchronization by Christiaan Huygens / Appendix 1:
Instantaneous phase and frequency of a signal / Appendix 2:
Cycling attractors of coupled cell systems and dynamics with symmetry / Ashwin ; Rucklidge ; Sturman
Modelling diversity by chaos and classification by synchronization / De Feo ; Hasler
Basic Principles of Direct Chaotic Communications / Dmitriev ; Panas ; Zakharchenko
Prevalence of Milnor Attractors and Chaotic Itinerancy in 'High'-dimensional Dynamical Systems / Kaneko
Generalization of the Feigenbaum-Kadanoff-Shenker Renormalization and Critical Phenomena Associated with the Golden Mean Quasiperiodicity / Kuznetsov
Synchronization and clustering in ensembles of coupled chaotic oscillators / Maistrenko ; Popovych ; Yanchuk
Nonlinear Phenomena in Nephron-Nephron Interaction / Mosekilde ; Sosnovtseva ; Holstein-Rathlou
Synchrony in Globally Coupled Chaotic, Periodic, and Mixed Ensembles of Dynamical Units / Ott ; So ; Barreto ; Antonsen
Phase synchronization of regular and chaotic self-sustained oscillators / Pikovsky ; Rosenblum
Control of dynamical systems via time-delayed feedback and unstable controller / Pyragas
Introduction / 1:
Synchronization Without Formulae / Part I: