Paul P. Maglio, Cheryl A. Kieliszewski, James C. Spohrer, editors ; foreword by Carl J. Schramm and William J. Baumol
出版情報: New York : Springer, c2010  xxvii, 758 p. ; 24 cm
シリーズ名: Service science : research and innovations in the service economy
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Foreword / Carl J. Schramm ; William J. Baumol
Introduction: Why a Handbook? / Paul P. Maglio ; Cheryl A. Kieliszewski ; James C. Spohrer
Context: Origins / Part 1:
Revisiting "Where Does the Customer Fit in a Service Operation?" Background and Future Development of Contact Theory / Richard B. Chase
The Service Profit Chain: From Satisfaction to Ownership / James L. Heskett ; W. Earl Sasser, Jr
Winning the Service Game: Revisiting the Rules by Which People Co-Create Value / Benjamin Schneider ; David E. Bowen
Customer Equity: Driving the Value of the Firm by Increasing the Value of Customers / Roland T. Rust ; Gaurav Bhalla
Service Worlds: The 'Services Duality' and the Rise of the 'Manuservice' Economy / John R. Bryson ; Peter W. Daniels
Context: Theory / Part 2:
The Unified Service Theory: A Paradigm for Service Science / Scott E. Sampson
Advancing Service Science with Service-Dominant Logic: Clarifications and Conceptual Development / Stephen L. Vargo ; Robert F. Lusch ; Melissa A. Akaka
Toward a Science of Service Systems: Value and Symbols
Research and Practice: Design / Part 3:
Technology's Impact on the Gaps Model of Service Quality / Mary Jo Bitner ; Valarie A. Zeithaml ; Dwayne D. Gremler
Seven Contexts for Service System Design / Robert J. Glushko
Business Architectures for the Design of Enterprise Service Systems / Susanne Glissmann ; Jorge Sanz
A Service Practice Approach: People, Activities and Information in Highly Collaborative Knowledge-based Service Systems / John H. Bailey ; Jeanette Blomberg
Research and Practice: Operations / Part 4:
The Neglect of Service Science in the Operations Management Field / Richard Metters
Death Spirals and Virtuous Cycles: Human Resource Dynamics in Knowledge-Based Services / Rogelio Oliva ; John D. Sterman
Service Science: A Reflection from Telecommunications Service Perspective / Eng K. Chew
Service Engineering: Multiperspective and Interdisciplinary Framework for New Solution Design / Gerhard Gudergan
Research and Practice: Delivery / Part 5:
The Industrialization of Information Intensive Services / Uday S. Karmarkar
Workforce Analytics for the Services Economy / Aleksandra Mojsilovic ; Daniel Connors
Understanding Complex Product and Service Delivery Systems / William B. Rouse ; Rahul C. Basole
A Formal Model of Service Delivery / Guruduth Banavar ; Alan Hartman ; Lakshmish Ramaswamy ; Anatoly Zherebtsov
Research and Practice: Innovation / Part 6:
Service Innovation / Ian Miles
Innovation in Services and Entrepreneurship: Beyond Industrialist and Technologist Concepts of Sustainable Development / Faridah Djellal ; Faïz Gallouj
Service Innovation and Customer Co-development / Bo Edvardsson ; Anders Gustafsson ; Per Kristensson ; Lars Witell
Advancing Services Innovation: Five Key Concepts / Henry Chesbrough ; Andrew Davies
What Effects Do Legal Rules Have on Service Innovation? / Pamela Samuelson
Future / Part 7:
The Future of Service Is Long Overdue / Evert Gummesson
The Evolution and Future of Service: Building and Broadening a Multidisciplinary Field / Raymond P. Fisk ; Stephen J. Grove
Trading Zones, Normative Scenarios, and Service Science / Michael E. Gorman
The Cambridge-IBM SSME White Paper Revisited / Mike Gregory ; Guangjie Ren
Service Science, Management, and Engineering in Japan / Kazuyoshi Hidaka
Innovation and Skills: Future Service Science Education / Linda Macaulay ; Claire Moxham ; Barbara Jones
Author Index
Subject Index
Foreword / Carl J. Schramm ; William J. Baumol


Paul P. Maglio, Cheryl A. Kieliszewski, James C. Spohrer編 ; IBM東京基礎研究所サービスサイエンスハンドブック翻訳チーム訳
出版情報: 東京 : 東京電機大学出版局, 2014.4  xxxiii, 684p ; 27cm
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第1部 : 背景:起源
第2部 : 背景:理論
第3部 : 研究と実践:デザイン
第4部 : 研究と実践:運用
第5部 : 研究と実践:デリバリー
第6部 : 研究と実践:イノベーション
第7部 : 展望
第1部 : 背景:起源
第2部 : 背景:理論
第3部 : 研究と実践:デザイン


Paul P. Maglio, Marcelo Fantinato, Takeo Kanade, Mathias Weske, Jian Yang
出版情報: Springer eBooks Computer Science , Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2010
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