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Multiple-Gate Silicon-On-Insulator MOS Transistor / J.-P. Colinge
Degradation of Deep Submicron Partially Depleted SOI CMOS Transistors Under MEV Proton or Gamma Irradiation / E. Simoen ; J.M. Rafi ; A. Mercha ; K. De Meyer ; C. Claeys ; M. Kokkoris ; E. Kossionides ; G. Fanourakis ; A. Mohhamdzadeh
The Leakage Drain Current Behavior in Graded-Channel SOI nMOSFETs Operating up to 300[degree] C / M. Bellodi ; J. A. Martino
Analysis of the Capacitance vs. Voltage in Graded Channel SOI Capacitor / V. Sonnenberg
Analysis on GC SOI MOSFET Analog Parameters at High Temperatures / M. Galeti ; M. A. Pavanello
Study of Series Resistance and Effective Channel Length Behavior Comparing Graded-Channel and Conventional SOI nMOSFETs / G. F. de Almeida ; A. S. Nicolett
An Improved Current Model for Edgeless SOI MOSFETS / R. Giacomini
Comparison Between Conventional and Graded-Channel SOI nMOSFETs in Low Temperature Operation / P. G. Der Agopian
Comparison Between the Leakage Drain Current Behavior in SOI pMOSFETs and SOI nMOSFETs Operating at 300[degree]C / Marcello Bellodi ; Joao Antonio Martino
Low Temperature
Low Temperature Electronics: From Fundamental Physics to Emerging Silicon Technologies / Cor Claeys ; Eddy Simoen
A Study on the Self-Heating Effect in Deep-Submicrometer Partially Depleted SOI MOSFETs at Low Temperatures
Performance Analysis of Single-Electron Winner-Take-All Network Circuits / J. Guimaraes ; J. C. da Costa
Device Characterization
The Integral Function Method: A New Method to Determine the Non-Linear Harmonic Distortion / A. Cerdeira ; M. A. Aleman ; M. Estrada ; D. Flandre ; B. Parvais ; G. Picun
Determination of the Silicon Film Thickness and Back Oxide Charge Density on Graded-Channel SOI nMOSFETs
ESD Defect Localization and Analysis Using Pulsed OBIC Techniques / T. Beauchene ; D. Lewis ; D. Tremouilles ; F. Essely ; P. Perdu ; P. Fouillat
A Comparative Study of Aluminum and Tungsten Silicon Schottky Diodes / P. R. de Souza ; J. W. Swart ; J. A. Diniz
Low Operating Voltage of an ITO/MEH-PPV/Al Light Emmiting Device / J. A. R. das Neves ; E. A. T. Dirani ; E. R. dos Santos ; F. J. Fonseca ; A. M. de Andrade
High Quality Emitter Silicon Solar Cells / N. Stem ; M. Cid
Device Physics and Simulation
"Atomistic" Simulation of AlGaAs/InGaAs/GaAs pHEMTs / A. P. A. Baleeiro ; P. C. M. Machado
Numerical Analysis of the Quantum STUB Transistor / A. B. Guerra ; E. J. P. Santos
State Diagram Simulations of SET Circuits Using SPICE / R. Van de Haar ; J. Hoekstra
On the Modelling of the Dark Current Characteristics of Heterodimensional Schottky Photodiodes / R. Ragi ; M. A. Romero ; B. Nabet
A Layout Compactor Using a Virtual Grid Representation and Independent Hardware Platform / L. G. Moura ; M. L. Anido ; C. E. T. Oliveira
Comb-Shape Microresonators Modeling for Microelectromechanical Filter Synthesis / J. M. Vassoler ; J. S. O. Fonseca ; I. Iturrioz ; Renato P. Ribas
Study of the Influence of the Secondary Electron Emission Coefficient in Radio-Frequency Argon Plasmas Using Particle In Cell Simulation / E. R. Cizzoto ; M. Roberto ; P. Verdonck ; H. S. Maciel
Process Technology
The Effect of Nitrogen Concentration at Silicon Oxynitride Gate Insulators Formed by 28N2+ Implantation into Silicon with Additional Conventional or Rapid Thermal Oxidation / A. G. Felicio ; J. Godoy Fo. ; I. Doi ; M. A. A. Pudenzi
Formation of Nickel Silicides onto (100) Silicon Wafer Surfaces Using a Thin Platinum Interlayer / R. W. Reis ; S. G. dos Santos Filho
In-Situ and Ion Implantation Nitrogen Doping On Near Stoichiometric a-SiC:H Films / A.R. Oliveira ; M.N.P. Carreno
Silicon Carbide Clusters in Silicon Formed by Carbon Ions Implantation / N. A. E. Forhan ; I. Pereyra
Characterization of Electrospinning Process Using Blends of Polyacrylonitrile and Carbon Particles / A. N. R. da Silva ; R. Furlan ; I. Ramos ; M. L. P. da Silva ; E. Fachini ; J. J. Santiago-Aviles
Selective Silicon Nitride Etching by ECR Plasmas Using SF6 and NF3 Based Gas Mixtures / C. Reyes-Betanzo ; S. A. Moshkalyov ; A. C. S. Ramos
Study of Power Balance in Electronegative Capacitively Coupled Plasmas / L. Swart
Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes by Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition
Six Sigma Method Applied for Reflow Soldering Process in SMT (Surface Mount Technology) / A. C. Bueno ; M. P. Shiki ; V. R. de Lima ; L. G. L. Brandao ; M. M. Oka
Self-Sustained Bridges of a-SiC:H Obtained by PECVD Technique / M. N. P. Carreno ; A. T. Lopes
Plasma Polymerized Ethyl Ether for Obtaining Thin Films for Sensor Development / R. R. Lima ; R. A. M. Carvalho ; N. R. Demarquette
Photoconductivity of Semi-Insulating Polysilicon / D. G. Lantin ; E. Onoda ; L. S. Zambom ; R. D. Mansano
Effects of C[subscript 2]H[subscript 2] Gas Content on the Characteristics of DLC Films Deposited by Magnetron Sputtering / J. Libardi ; M. Massi ; C. Otani ; S. P. Ravagnani ; M. Guerino ; J. M. J. Ocampo
Fabrication of Submicron Structures in Polycristalline Silicon by Reactive Ion Etching Using Fluorine- and Chlorine- Containing Plasmas / A. C. Seabra
Bonded Substrates for Optoelectronic Applications / M. Reiche ; L. Long ; D. Stolze ; E. Hiller ; H. Uebensee
Advances in the Process and in the Methodology of Emulsion Optical Mask Construction / D. S. de Lara ; L. O. S. Ferreira
Influence of RF Frequency on Production of Adsorbent Organic Films by PECVD / A.P. Nascimento Filho ; C. Hamanaka ; D. P. Jesus
Orientation-Dependent Anisotropic Etching Simulation in Silicon Wafer / R. R. Neli ; R. P. Ribas
Sensors and Actuators
Integrated Termopiles for Infrared Sensing / W. R. Mendes ; H. E. M. Peres ; F. J. Ramirez-Fernandez
Porous Silicon Processing for Enhancing Thin Silicon Membranes Fabrication / M. O. S. Dantas ; E. Galeazzo
Gold Microwires Applied to Cardiac Potential Detection / M. B. A. Fontes ; I. A. Cestari
Simulations of Silicon Microstructure for Preconcentration of Metallic Ions / J. A. F. da Silva ; E. W. Simoes ; M. T. Pereira
Three-Color Detector for APS-CMOS Image Sensors Employing a Triple Junction / S. N. M. Mestanza ; L.T. Manera ; A. C. T de Sousa ; I. F. Silva
Modeling and Simulation of Static Characteristics of a pMOS Compatible Hot Wire Principle-Based Flow Micro-sensor / A. C. O. Junior
Electrochemical Process for Silicon Tips Fabrication
Fine Angular Positioning with Ultrasonic Motor / C. R. Rodrigues ; R. S. Pippi ; A. L. Aita ; J. B. S. Martins
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Multiple-Gate Silicon-On-Insulator MOS Transistor / J.-P. Colinge


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