International CSI Computer Conference, Behrooz Parhami, Hamid Sarbazi-Azad
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edited by Marshall C. Yovits
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Software Process Appraisal and Improvement: Models and Standards / M.C. Paulk
A Software Process Engineering Framework / J. Kontio
Gaining Business Value from IT Investments / P. Simmons
Reliability Measurement, Analysis, and Improvement for Large Software Systems / J. Tian
Role-Based Access Control / R.S. Sandhu
Multithreaded Systems / K.M. Kavi ; B. Lee ; A.R. Hurson
Coordination Models and Languages / G.A. Papadopoulos ; F. Arbab
Multidisciplinary Problem Solving Environments for Computational Science / E.N. Houstis ; J.R. Rice ; N. Ramakrishnan ; T. Drashansky ; S. Weerawarana ; A. Joshi ; C.E. Houstis
Author Index
Subject Index
Software development productivity / K.D. Maxwell
Transformation-oriented programming: A development methodology for high assurance software / V.L. Winter ; S. Roach ; G. Wickstrom
Bounded model checking / A. Biere ; A. Cimatti ; E.M. Clarke ; O. Strichman ; Y. Zhu
Advances in GUI testing / A.F. Memon
Software inspections / M. Roper ; A. Dunsmore ; M. Wood
Software fault tolerance forestalls crashes: To err is human, to forgive is fault tolerant / L. Bernstein
Advances in the provisions of system and software security - Thirty years of progress / R.B. Vaughn
Designing Networked Handheld Devices to Enhance School Learning / Jeremy Roschelle ; Charles Patton ; Deborah Tatar
Interactive Explanatory and Descriptive Natural-Language based Dialogue for Intelligent Information Filtering / John Atkinson ; Anita Ferreira
A tour of language customization concepts / Colin Atkinson ; Thomas KÃ1/4hne
Advances in Business Transformation Technologies / Juhnyoung Lee
Phish Phactors: Offensive and Defensive Strategies / Hal Berghel ; James Carpinter ; Ju-Yeon Jo
Reflections on systems trustworthiness / Peter G. Neumann
Contents of Volumes in this series
Licensing and certification of software professionals / D.J. Bagert
Cognitive Hacking / G. Cybenko ; A. Giani ; P. Thompson
The digital detective: An introduction to digital forensics / W. Harrison
Survivability: Synergizing security and reliability / C.Cowan
Smartcards / K.M. Shelfer ; C.Corum ; J. Drew Procaccino ; J.Didier
Shotgun sequence assembly / M. Pop
Advances in large vocabulary continuous speech recognition / G. Zweig ; M. Picheny
Evaluating software architectures / Roseanne Tesoriero Tvedt ; Patricia Costa ; Mikael Lindvall1:
Efficient architectural design of high performance microprocessors / Lieven Eeckhout ; Koen De Bosschere2:
Security issues and solutions in distributed heterogeneous mobile data systems / A. R. Hurson ; J. Ploskonka ; Y. Jiao ; H. Haridas3:
Disruptive technologies and their affect on global telecommunications / Stan McClellan ; Stephen Low ; Wai-Tian Tan4:
Ions, atoms, and bits: An architectural approach to quantum computing / Dean Copsey ; Mark Oskin ; Frederick T. Chong5:
Automatic Evaluation of Web Search Services / Abdur Chowdhury
Introduction / 0:
A Brief History of Effectiveness Evaluations
Evaluation Metrics
Web Search Tasks
Estimating the Necessary Number of Queries
Automatic Web Search Evaluation / 6:
Automatic Evaluation Results / 7:
Intranet Site Search Evaluation / 8:
Conclusions and Future Work / 9:
Web Services / Sang Shin
Introduction on Web Services
Web Services Standards
Web Services Security
Identity Management Architecture
Business Web Services Standards: ebXML
A Protocol Layer Survey of Network Security / John V. Harrison
Overview of TCP/IP
Offensive Techniques
A Forecast of the Future
Defensive Precautions
E-Service: The Revenue Expansion Path to E-Commerce Profitability / Roland T. Rust ; P.K. Kannan ; Anupama D. Ramachandran
Building on Customer Equity
Customer Issues in E-Service
Serving the Customer
Marketing to Computers
Discussion and Conclusion
Pervasive Computing: A Vision to Realize / Debashis Saha
Evolution of PerCom
PerCom Attributes
Functional Areas of PerCom
Harnessing Physical World
Major PerCom Projects
Open Source Software Development: Structural Tension in the American Experiment / Coskun Bayrak ; Chad Davis
Part I: The American Experiment
Part II: The Open Source Development Model
Open Societies: A Final Thought
Disability and Technology: Building Barriers or Creating Opportunities? / Peter Gregor ; David Sloan ; Alan F. Newell
Technology and the Digital Divide
Disabled People?
The Technical Benefits of Inclusive Design
Legislative Responsibilities
Accessible and Inclusive Design Practice
Support for Inclusive Design
Testing and Evaluation of Inclusive Design
Developments and Challenges
The Digital Divide Still Exists / 10:
Contents of Volumes in This Series
A Survey of Current Paradigms in Machine Translation / B.J. Dorr ; P.W. Jordan ; J.W. Benoit
Formality in Specification and Modeling: Developments in Software Engineering Practice / J.S. Fitzgerald
3-D Visualization of Software Structure / M.L. Staples ; J.M. Bieman
Using Domain Models for System Testing / A. von Mayrhauser ; R. Mraz
Exception-Handling Design Patterns / W.G. Bail
SIMD Machines--A Survey / N.B. Abu-Ghazaleh ; P.A. Wilsey
A Taxonomy of Distributed Real-Time Control Systems / J.R. Agre ; L.P. Clare ; S. Sastry
Program Understanding: Models and Experiments / A.M. Vans
Software Prototyping / A.M. Davis
Rapid Prototyping of Microelectronic Systems / A. Dollas ; J.D.S. Babcock
Cache Coherence in Multiprocessors: A Survey / M.S. Yousif ; M.J. Thazhuthaveetil ; C.R. Das
The Adequacy of Office Models / C.S. Amaravadi ; J.F. George ; O.R.L. Sheng ; J.F. Nunamaker
Chapter References
The State of Artificial Intelligence / Adrian A. Hopgood
Rule-Based Systems
Moving Beyond Rules
Intelligent Agents
Genetic Algorithms
Neural Networks
Hybrid Systems
Software Model Checking with Spin / Gerard J. Holzmann
Finite Automata
Temporal Logic
LTL Model Checking
Model Extraction and Abstraction
Early Cognitive Computer Vision / Jan-Mark Geusebroek
Visual Measurements
Natural Image Statistics
Verification and Validation and Artificial Intelligence / Tim Menzies ; Charles Pecheur
AI Software Can Be Complex
Model-Based AI Systems
The Knowledge Level
AI Software Can Be Nondeterministic
Adaptive AI Systems
Indexing, Learning and Content-Based Retrieval for Special Purpose Image Databases / Mark J. Huiskes ; Eric J. Pauwels
Representation of Image Content: Feature Extraction
Detection of Salient Design Image Elements by Figure-Ground Segregation
MPEG-7 Description of Design Images
Inference and Learning for Relevance Feedback by Examples
Conclusion and Outlook
Defect Analysis: Basic Techniques for Management and Learning / David N. Card
Modeling for Quality Management
Monitoring Process Performance
Learning and Improvement
Summary and Conclusions
Function Points / Christopher J. Lokan
Albrecht/IFPUG Function Points
Experience with IFPUG Function Points
Mark II Function Points
Some Other Early Variations
Function Points for Object-Oriented Software
Function Point Standards
The Role of Mathematics in Computer Science and Software Engineering Education / Peter B. Henderson
Mystery Novels and John Wooden
Computer Science and Software Engineering
Foundational Mathematics
General Mathematical Reasoning
Patterns, It Is All About Patterns
Inductive Thinking and Generalization
Declarative Versus Imperative Reasoning
Algorithmic Problem Solving
Recursive Thinking / 11:
Mathematical Induction / 12:
Why Mathematics? / 13:
Curricula Issues / 14:
Foundations of Computing-A First Course / 15:
CSE-113 Foundations of Computer Science I / 16:
Butler University, Foundations of Computing I / Appendix B:
Sample First Exam for Foundations of Computing I (100 minutes) / Appendix C:
Representative List Processing Lab Exercises Using Standard ML / Appendix D:
Solutions for Problems Cited / Appendix E:
On the nature and importance of archiving in the digital age / H.R. Tibbo
Preserving digital records and the life cycle of information / S. Chen
Managing historical XML data / S.S. Chawathe
Adding compression to next-generation text retrieval systems / N. Ziviani ; E. Silva de Moura
Are scripting languages any good? A validation of Perl, Python, Rexx, and Tcl against C, C++, and Java / L. Prechelt
Issues and approaches for developing lerner-centered technology / C. Quintana ; J. Krajcik ; E. Soloway
Personalizing interactions with information systems / S. Perugini
Architectures and Patterns for Developing High Performance, Real Time ORB Endsystems / D.C. Schmidt ; D.L. Levine ; C. Cleeland
Heterogeneous Data Access in a Mobile Environment--Issues and Solutions / J.B. Lim
The World Wide Web / H. Berghel ; D. Blank
Progress in Internet Security / R.J. Atkinson ; J.E. Klinker
Digital Libraries: Social Issues and Technological Advances / H. Chen ; A.L. Houston
Architectures For Mobile Robot Control / J.K. Rosenblatt ; J.A. Hendler
Natural Language Processing: A Humanndash;Computer Interaction Perspective / B.Z. Manaris
Cognitive Adaptive Computer Help (COACH): A Case Study / E.J. Selker
Cellular Automata Models of Self-Replicating Systems / J.A. Reggia ; H.-H. Chou ; J.D. Lohn
Ultrasound Visualization / T.R. Nelson
Patterns and System Development / B. Goldfedder
High Performance Digital Video Servers: Storage and Retrieval of Compressed Scalable Video / S. Paek ; S.-F. Chang
Software Acquisition: The Custom/Package and Insource/Outsource Dimensions / P. Nelson ; W. Richmond ; A. Seidman
Exposing Phylogenetic Relationships by Genome Rearrangement / Ying Chih Lin ; Chuan Yi TangChapter 1:
Models and Methods in Comparative Genomics / Guillaume Bourque ; LouXin ZhangChapter 2:
Translocation Distance: Algorithms and Complexity / Lusheng WangChapter 3:
Computational Grand Challenges in Assembling the Tree of Life: Problems and Solutions / David A. Bader ; Usman Roshan ; Alexandros StamatakisChapter 4:
Local Structure Comparison of Proteins / Jun Huan ; Jan Prins ; Wei WangChapter 5:
Peptide Identification via Tandem Mass Spectrometry / Xue Wu ; Nathan Edwards ; Chau-Wen TsengChapter 6:
The Architecture of Efficient Multi-Core Processors: A Holistic Approach / Rakesh Kumar ; Dean M. Tullsen
Designing Computational Clusters for Performance and Power / Kirk W. Cameron ; Rong Ge ; Xizhou Feng
Compiler-Assisted Leakage Energy Reduction for Cache Memories / Wei Zhang
Mobile Games: Challenges and Opportunities / Paul Coulton ; Reuben Edwaerds ; Will Bamford ; Fadi Chehemi ; Paul Gilbertson ; Omer Rashid
Free/Open Source Software Development: Recent Research Results and Methods / Walt Scacchi
Contents Of Volumes in This Series
Broadcasting a Means to Disseminate Public Data in a Wireless Environment - Issues and Solutions / B.A. Shirazi
Programming Models and Synchronization Techniques for Disconnected Business Applications / A. Leff ; J.T. Rayfield
Academic Electronic Journals: Past, Present and Future / A. Hovav ; P. Gray
Web Testing for Reliability Improvement / L. Ma
Wireless Insecurities / M. Sthultz ; J. Uecker
The State of the Art in Digital Forensics / D. Forte
Calculating Software Process Improvement's Return on Investment / Rini van Solingen ; David F. Rico
Return-on-Investment for Analysing Cost and Benefits
Using Quantitative Models for SPI Decision Making
Using Quantitative Measurements for SPI Investment Evaluations
Background of the Quantitative Models
Quality Problem in Software Measurement Data / Pierre Rebours ; Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar
Noise-Handling Techniques
Ensemble-Partitioning Filter
Modeling Methodology
Empirical Evaluation
Requirements Management for Dependable Software Systems / William G. Bail
Nature of Requirements
Categories of Requirements
Handling Requirements
Requirements Quality Attributes
Requirements and Dependability
Common Requirements Challenges
Mechanics of Managing Software Risk
Project Planning
Fundamentals of Risk
Sources of Risk
Handling Risks
The PERFECT Approach to Experience-Based Process Evolution / Brian A. Nejmeh ; William E. Riddle
Improvement Game Plans
Process Evolution
The PEDAL Framework
Describing Process Evolution Dynamics
Process Evolution Infrastructure
Value and Future Improvements
The Opportunities, Challenges, and Risks of High Performance Computing in Computational Science and Engineering / Douglass E. Post ; Richard P. Kendall ; Robert F. Lucas
Computational Science and Engineering Analysis
General Characteristics of a Large Scale Computational Simulation
FALCON: An Example of a Large-Scale Scientific Code Project
The Challenges Facing Computational Science and Engineering
A Comparative Case Study
Verification and Validation
Software Quality and Software Project Management
Conclusions and Path Forward
Programming Nanotechnology: Learning from Nature / Boonserm Kaewkamnerdpong ; Peter J. Bentley ; Navneet Bhalla
Development in Nanotechnology
Benefits of Computer Science for Nanotechnology
Swarm Intelligence
Perceptive Particle Swarm Optimisation
Perceptive Particle Swarm Optimisation for Nanotechnology
Self-Assembling Nanotechnology
Nanobiotechnology: An Engineer's Foray into Biology / Yi Zhao ; Xin Zhang
Nanobiotechnologies for Sensing and Actuating
Nanobiotechnology for Drug Delivery and Therapeutics
Concluding Remarks
Toward Nanometer-Scale Sensing Systems: Natural and Artificial Noses as Models for Ultra-Small, Ultra-Dense Sensing Systems / Brigitte M. Rolfe
The Physiology of the Sense of Smell
Electronic Noses: Chemical Sensing Systems
Designing a Nanometer-Scale Nose-Like Sensing System
Simulation of Nanoscale Electronic Systems / Umberto Ravaioli
Simulation Hierarchy for Semiconductor Devices
Simulation Issues in Nanoscale Silicon Devices
Organic Molecular Devices
Simulation of Molecular Conduction
Carbon Nanotubes
Ionic Channels
Identifying Nanotechnology in Society / Charles Tahan
Definitions ad infinitum (and More Politics)
Perspectives from Science
List of Some Technical Terms
Further Reading
The Convergence of Nanotechnology, Policy, and Ethics / Erik Fisher
Converging Paths
From Convergence to Collaboration
DARPA's HPCS Program: History, Models, Tools, Languages / Jack Dongarra ; Robert Graybill ; William Harrod ; Robert Lucas ; Ewing Lusk ; Piotr Luszczek ; Janice McMahon ; Allan Snavely ; Jeffrey Vetter ; Katherine Yelick ; Sadaf Alam ; Roy Campbell ; Laura Carrington ; Tzu-Yi Chen ; Omid Khalili ; Jeremy Meredith ; Mustafa Tikir
Historical Background
Productivity Systems Modeling
Productivity Evaluation on Emerging Architectures
The DARPA HPCS Language Project
Research on Defining and Measuring Productivity
The HPC Challenge Benchmark Suite
Summary: The DARPA HPCS Program
Productivity in High-Performance Computing / Thomas Sterling ; Chirag Dekate
A General Formulation
Factors Determining HPC Productivity
A Special Theory of Productivity
A User-based Model of Productivity
Software Development & Productivity
Related Works
Performance Prediction and Ranking of Supercomputers / Roy L. Campbell, Jr. ; Mustafa M. Tikir
Methods for Predicting Performance
A Method for Weighting Benchmarks
Using End-to-End Runtimes
Using Basic Trace Data
Application-Independent Rankings
Sampled Processor Simulation: A Survey
Trace-Driven versus Execution-Driven Simulation
Sampled Simulation
Simulation Speed
Representative Sampling Units
Architecture State
Microarchitecture State
Case Studies
Distributed Sparse Matrices for Very High Level Languages / John R. Gilbert ; Steve Reinhardt ; Viral B. Shah
Sparse Matrices: A User's View
Data Structures and Storage
Operations on Distributed Sparse Matrices
SSCA #2 Graph Analysis Benchmark
Looking Forward: A Next-Generation Parallel Sparse Library
Bibliographic Snapshots of High-Performance/High-Productivity Computing / Myron Ginsberg
Computational Environments in Government, Academia and Industry
Computational Science Education (CSE)
Supercomputing Architecture
Some HPC Issues
Benchmarking Issues and Concerns
Acceleration Techniques for HPC Applications
The Race for Petaflop Computing
Influences of Floating-Point Arithmetic on Computational Results
Industrial HPC Progress
Access to On-Demand HPC
A Few HPC Videos
History of Computers, Electronic Commerce, and Agile Methods / D. F. Rico ; H. H. Sayani ; R. F. Field
Testing with Software Designs / A. A. Andrews ; A. Mahdian
Balancing Transparency, Efficiency, and Security in Pervasive Systems / M. Wenstrom ; E. Bentivegna
Computing with RFID: Drivers, Technology and Implications / G. Roussos
Medical Robotics and Computer-Integrated Interventional Medicine / R. H. Taylor ; P. Kazanzides
Data Hiding Tactics for Windows and Unix File Systems / David Hoelzer ; Michael Sthultz
Multimedia and Sensor Security / Anna Haµ
Email Spam Filtering / Enrique Puertas Sanz ; JosT Marfa G=mez Hidalgo ; JosT Carlos Cortizo PTrez
The Use of Simulation Techniques for Hybrid Software Cost Estimation and Risk Analysis / Michael KlSs ; Adam Trendowicz ; Axel Wickenkamp ; Jnrgen Mnnch ; Nahomi Kikuchi ; Yasushi Ishigai
An Environment for Conducting Families of Software Engineering Experiments / Lorin Hochstein ; Taiga Nakamura ; Forrest Shull ; Nico Zazworka ; Victor R. Basili ; Marvin V. Zelkowitz
Global Software Development: Origins, Practices, and Directions / James J. Cusick ; Alpana Prasad ; William M. Tepfenhart
The UK HPC Integration Market: Commodity-based Clusters / Christine A. Kitchen ; Martyn F. Guest
Elements of High Performance Reconfigurable Computing / Tom Van Court ; Martin C. Herbordt
Models and Metrics for Energy-Efficient Computing / Parthasarathy Ranganathan ; Suzanne Rivoire ; Justin Moore
The Emerging Landscape of Computer Performance Evaluation / JoAnn M. Paul ; Mwaffaq Otoom ; Marc Somers ; Sean Pieper ; Michael J. Schulte
Advances in web testing / Cyntrica Eaton ; Atif M. Memon
Information Sharing and Social Computing: Why, What, and Where? / Oded Nov
Information Sharing: Wikipedia
Photo Sharing: Flickr
Metainformation Sharing: Tags
Social Network Sites: Users and Uses / Mike Thelwall
Definition, History, and Typology
User Characteristics
Friendship Issues
Privacy and Security
Software Issues
Highly Interactive Scalable Online Worlds / Graham Morgan
Gaming Scenarios
Related Work
Core Problems
Conclusions and Further Work
The Future of Social Web Sites: Sharing Data and Trusted Applications with Semantics / Sheila Kinsella ; Alexandre Passant ; John G. Breslin ; Stefan Decker ; Ajit Jaokar
Social Web Sites and Approaches to Add Semantics
Producers of Social Semantic Data
Collectors of Social Semantic Data
Consumers of Social Semantic Data
Future Work
Semantic Web Services Architecture with Lightweight Descriptions of Services / Tomas Vitvar ; Jacek Kopecky ; Jana Viskova ; Adrian Mocan ; Mick Kerrigan ; Dieter Fensel
SWS Architecture
Model for Business Services
Service Execution Model
Issues and Approaches for Web 2.0 Client Access to Enterprise Data / Avraham Leff ; James T. Rayfield
Enterprises and Web 2.0 Data Access
A Closer Look at Web 2.0 Client and Server Data-Access APIs
Web Content Filtering / José María Gómez Hidalgo ; Francisco Carrero García ; Manuel De Buenaga Rodríguez
Motivation and Applications
Web Filters Operation and Techniques
Text-Based Filtering
Image Processing Techniques
Evaluation of Web Filters
Attacks and Countermeasures
Review of Singular Projects
Conclusions and Future Trends
Photo Fakery and Forensics / Hany Farid
Photo Fakery
Photo Forensics
Advances in Computer Displays / Jason Leigh ; Andrew Johnson ; Luc Renambot
Advances in Desktop Displays
Advances in Wall Displays
Advances in Portable Displays
Touch Interfaces
Advances in Stereoscopic Displays
Display Environments of the Future
Content Generation and delivery to Displays
Playing with All Senses: Human-Computer Interface Devices for Games / Jörn Loviscach
Buttons, Keys, and Keyboards
Mice, Joysticks, Faders, and Similar
Pen and Touch Input
Inertial Sensors
Specific Position and Orientation Sensors
Audio Input
Audio Output
Tactile, Haptic, and Locomotion Interfaces
Kinetic Devices and Robots
Biosignal Sensors
A Status Report on the P Versus NP Question / Eric Allender
What Is the "P = NP?" Problem?
Why Is the "P = NP?" Problem Important?
What Progress Has Been Made in the Past 30 Years?
Where Are We now? (Barriers to Progress)
Conclusions: What Would a Solution Mean?
Dynamically Typed Languages / Laurence Tratt
Defining Types
Disadvantages of Static Typing
Defining Features
Disadvantages of Dynamic Typing
The Future
Factors Influencing Software Development Productivity- State-of-the-Art and Industrial Experiences / Jürgen Münch
Design of the Study
Related Terminology
Overview of Factors Presented in Literature
Overview of Factors Indicated by Industrial Experiences
Detailed Comments on Selected Productivity Factors
Considering Productivity Factors in Practice
Evaluating the Modifiability of Software Architectural Designs / M. Omolade Saliu ; Günther Ruhe ; Christopher Ackermann
Evaluating Software Architectural Designs
Overview of the EBEAM
STAGE I: Evaluation of Design Characteristics
STAGE II: Evaluation of Architectural Designs
STAGE III: Overall Modifiability Evaluation
CASE STUDY I: The Application of EBEAM to TSAFE Designs
Empirical Validation
CASE STUDY II: The Application of EBEAM to CGS Designs
Applicability of the EBEAM Technique
UML Models for TSAFE Architectural Designs
The Common Law and Its Impact on the Internet / Robert Aalberts ; David Hames ; Percy Poon ; Paul D. Thistle
The Common Law in Action: Employer Liability to Third-Party Victims on the Internet
Why Doe Lost and Delfino Won-A Case of Risk Management
Search Engine Optimization-Black and White Hat Approaches / Ross A. Malaga
The SEO Process
Black Hat SEO
Legal and Ethical Considerations
Web Searching and Browsing: A Multilingual Perspective / Wingyan Chung
Literature Review
A Multilingual Perspective
Summary and Future Directions
Features for Content-Based Audio Retrieval / Dalibor Mitrović ; Matthias Zeppelzauer ; Christian Breiteneder
Audio Feature Design
A Novel Taxonomy for Audio Features
Audio Features
Related Literature
Multimedia Services over Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks / Kostas Pentikousis ; Jarno Pinola ; Esa Piri ; Pedro Neves ; Susana Sargento
WiMAX Overview
Multimedia over WiMAX Reference Scenarios
Advances in Telephony and the Emergence of Voice over IP
VoIP over WiMAX
Remote Surveillance and IPTV over WiMAX
Summary and Outlook
An Overview of Web Effort Estimation / Emilia Mendes
How to Measure a Technique's Prediction Accuracy?
Which Effort Estimation Technique to Use?
Web Effort Estimation Literature Survey
Communication Media Selection for Remote Interaction of Ad Hoc Groups / Fabio Calefato ; Filippo Lanubile
Task-Classification Frameworks
Group Research
CMC Theories
Development of a Comprehensive Theoretical Framework
Applications in Data-Intensive Computing / Anuj R. Shah ; Joshua N. Adkins ; Douglas J. Baxter ; William R. Cannon ; Daniel G. Chavarria-Miranda ; Sutanay Choudhury ; Ian Gorton ; Deborah K. Gracio ; Todd D. Halter ; Navdeep D. Jaitly ; John R. Johnson ; Richard T. Kouzes ; Matthew C. Macduff ; Andres Marquez ; Matthew E. Monroe ; Christopher S. Oehmen ; William A. Pike ; Chad Scherrer ; Oreste Villa ; Bobbie-Jo Webb-Robertson ; Paul D. Whitney ; Nino Zuljevic
Pitfalls and Issues of Manycore Programming / Ami Marowka
Illusion of Wireless Security / Alfred Loo
Brain-computer interfaces for the operation of robotic and prosthetic devices / Dennis J. McFarland ; Jonathan R. Wolpaw
The Tools Perspective on Software Reverse Engineering: Requirements, Construction and Evaluation / Holger M. Kienle ; Hausi A. Müller
Agile Software Development Methodologies and Practices / Laurie Williams
Agile Origins and Manifesto
Agile and Lean Principles
Agile Practices
Examples of Agile Software Development Methodologies
A Picture from the Model-Based Testing Area: Concepts, Techniques, and Challenges / Arilo C. Dias-Neto ; Guilherme H. Travassos
Model-Based Testing
MBT Techniques: A Systematic Review
Challenges in Using MBT Techniques in Software Projects
Conclusions and Future Perspectives
Advances in Automated Model-Based System Testing of Software Applications with a GUI Front-End / Bao N. Nguyen
Running Example of GUI Application Under Test
Test-Case Generation Techniques
Empirical Knowledge Discovery by Triangulation in Computer Science / Ravi I. Singh ; James Miller
Objectification of Concepts in Computer Science
Triangulation: Introduction
Startight: Next-Generation Communication Services, Exchanges, and Global Facilities / Joe Mambretti ; Tom DeFanti ; Maxine D. Brown
Future Network Services and Facility Prototypes
Future Directions
Parameters Effecting 2D Barcode Scanning Reliability / Amit Grover ; Paul Braeckel ; Kevin Lindgren ; Dennis Cobb
Factors that Affect Barcode Scan Ability
Testing Methodology
Advances in Video-Based Human Activity Analysis: Challenges and Approaches / Pavan Turaga ; Rama Chellappa ; Ashok Veeraraghavan
Feature Extraction
Models for Actions
Complex Activities
A Unified Approach for Recognizing Simple Actions and Complex Activities
Understanding the Space of Primitives
Complex Activity Models: Cascade of Dynamical Systems
More General Activity Models: Time-Varying Models
View and Rate Variations
The How's and Why's of Information Markets / Areej Yassin ; Alan Hevner (aic-10-22)
Measuring and Monitoring Technical Debt / Carolyn Seaman ; Yuepu Guo (aic-10-15)
A Taxonomy and Survey of Energy-Efficient Data Centers and Cloud Computing Systems / Anton Beloglazov ; Rajkumar Buyya ; Young Choon Lee ; Albert Zomaya (aic-10-10)
Applications of Mobile Agents in Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing / Sergio González-Valenzuela ; Min Chen ; Victor C.M. Leung (aic-10-12)
Virtual graphics for Broadcast Production / Graham Thomas (aic-10-8)
Advanced Applications of Virtual Reality / Jürgen P. Schulze ; Han Suk Kim ; Philip Weber ; Andrew Prudhomme ; Roger E. Bohn ; Maurizio Seracini ; Thomas A. DeFanti (aic-10-16 ; aic-10-23)
The State of the Art in Identity Theft
What Sets Identity Theft APart from Other Crimes
Statistical Data for Identity Theft and Associated Crimes
The Genesis of the Problem
How SSN Became the De Facto Primary Key for Most Databases
The Ubiquitous Use of Fungible Credentials
Modus Operandi
Inadequate Credential Management Procedures
Strategies for Defeating Identity Thieves
An Overview of Steganography / Gary C. Kessler ; Chet Hosmer
Low-Tech Stego Methods
Digital Technology Basics
Steganography and Digital Carrier Files
Detecting Steganography
Steganography Detection Tools
Captchas: An Artificial Intelligence Application to Web Security / José María Gómez Hidalgo ; Gonzalo Alvarez
Types of Captchas
Evaluation of Captchas
Security and Attacks on Captchas
Alternatives to Captchas
Advances in Video-Based Biometrics / Rama Chelfappa
Video-Based Face
Video-Based Idenification Using Gait
Action Research Can Swing the Balance in Experimental Software Engineering / Paulo Sérgio Medeiros dos Santos ; Guilherme Horta Travassos
Action Research Overview
The Use of Action Research in Software Engineering: A Preliminary Survey?
Using Action Research in Software Engineering: An In Vivo Study
Applying Action Research to Software Engineering
Final Considerations
Functional and Nonfunctional Design Verification for Embedded Software Systems / Arnab Ray ; Rance Cleaveland ; Charles Shelton ; Chris Martin
Instrumentation-Based Verification
Quality Attribute-Based Reasoning
Integrated Functional and Nonfunctional Verification
Tool Support
Software Organizations and Test Process Development / Jussi Kasurinen
Model-Based GUI Testing: Case Smartphone Camera and Messaging Development / Rupesh Dev ; Antti Jääskeläinen ; Mika Katara
Model Transformation Specification and Design / K. Lano ; S. Kolahdouz-Rahimi
Advances on Improving Automation in Developer Testing / Xusheng Xiao ; Suresh Thummalapenta ; Tao Xie
Automated Interoperability Testing of Healthcare Information Systems / Diana Elena Vega ; Ina Schieferdecker
Event-Oriented, Model-Based GUI Testing and Reliability Assessment - Approach and Case Study / Fevzi Belli ; Mutlu Beyazit ; Nevin Güler
Deployable Capture/Replay Supported by Internal Messages / Steffen Herbold ; Uwe Bunting ; Jens Grabowski ; Stephan Waack
Combining Performance and Availability Analysis in Practice / Kishor Trivedi ; Ermeson Andrade ; Fumio Machida
Modeling, Analysis and Testing of System Vulnerabilities / Aditya P. Mathur ; Nimal Nissanke
System Dependability - Characterization and Benchmarking / Yves Crouzet ; Karama Kanoun
Pragmatic Directions in Engineering Secure Dependable Systems / M. Farrukh Khan ; Raymond A. Paul
Model-Based Testing: Achievements and Future Challenges / Michael Mlynarski ; Baris Güldali ; Stephan Weißleder ; Gregor Engels
Cloud Computing Uncovered: A Research Landscape / Mohammad Hamdaqa ; Ladan Tahvildari
Advances in User-session-based Testing of Web Applications / Sreedevi Sampath
Machine Learning and Event-Based Software Testing: Classifiers for Identifying Infeasible GUI Event Sequences / Robert Gove ; Jorge Faytong
A Framework for Detecting and Diagnosing Configuration Faults in Web Applications
Trends in Model-based GUI Testing / Stephan Arlt ; Cristiano Bertolini ; Simon Pahl ; Martin Schaf
Regression Testing in Software Product Line Engineering / Per Runeson ; Emelie Engstrom
Introduction and Preface / Sahra Sedigh ; Ali Hurson
Techniques to Measure, Model, and Manage Power / Bhavishya Goel ; Sally A. McKee ; Magnus Sjalander
Quantifying IT Energy-Efficiency / Florian Niedermeier ; Gergo Lovasz ; Hermann de Meer
State of the Art on Technology and Practices for Improving the Energy Efficiency of Data Storage / Marcos Dias de Assuncao ; Laurent Lefevre
Optical Interconnects for Green Computers and Data Centers / Shinji Tsuji ; Takashi Takemoto
Energy Harvesting for Sustainable Smart Spaces / Nga Dang ; Elaheh Bozorgzadeh ; Nalini Venkatasubramanian
How Elasticity Property Plays an Important Role in the Cloud: A Survey / M.A.N. Bikas ; A. Alourani ; M. Grechanik
Cloud Elasticity
Existing Cloud Elasticity Solutions
Existing Research Issues of Cloud Elasticity
How Elasticity Can Be Improved in the Cloud
About the Authors
Input-Sensitive Profiling: A Survey
Input-Sensitive Profiling Challenges
Recent Researches on Input-Sensitive Profiling
Recent Advances in Regression Testing Techniques / H. Do
About the Author
Coverage-Based Software Testing: Beyond Basic Test Requirements / W. Masri ; F.A. Zaraket
Early Techniques: Basic Coverage Criteria
Early Techniques: Advanced Coverage Criteria
Early Techniques: Profiling for Basic Coverage
Efficient Profiling for Path Coverage
Test Case Generation for Path Coverage
Test Suite Minimization; Covering Complex tr's
Test Suite Minimization: Covering Combinations of Basic tr's
PBCOV: Property-Based Coverage Criterion
UCov: User-Defined Coverage Criterion
Contents of Volumes in this Series
Software Process Appraisal and Improvement: Models and Standards / M.C. Paulk
A Software Process Engineering Framework / J. Kontio
Gaining Business Value from IT Investments / P. Simmons