Trevor Bench-Capon, Giovanni Soda, A Min Tjoa (eds.)
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シリーズ名: Lecture notes in computer science ; 1677
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Invited Talk
On Tractable Queries and Constraints / Gottlob G. ; Leone N. ; Scarcello F.
Object-Orientation I
Instances Evolution Vs Classes Evolution / Tamzalit D. ; Oussalah C.
Dynamic Relationships in Object Oriented Databases: A Uniform Approach / Rashid A. ; Sawyer P.
IFOOD: An Intelligent Object-Oriented Database Architecture / Koyuncu M. ; Yazici A. ; George R.
An OODBMS-IRS Integration Based on a Statistical Corpus Extraction Method for Document Management / Lee C.-H. ; Chien L.-F.
Query Aspects I
Controlled Hypertextual Navigation in the SgmlQL Language / Bruno E. ; Le Maitre J. ; Murisasco E.
SECONDO/QP: Implementation of a Generic Query Processor / Güting R.H. ; Dieker S. ; Freundorfer C. ; Becker L. ; Schenk H.
Hybrid Simultaneous Scheduling and Mapping in SQL Multi-query Parallelization / Bonneau S. ; Hameurlain A.
Cluster-Based Database Selection Techniques for Routing Bibliographic Queries / Xu J. ; Lim E.-P. ; Ng W.-K.
Fundamentals for Applications I
Developing Patterns as a Mechanism for Assisting the Management of Knowledge in the Context of Conducting Organisational Change / Prekas N. ; Loucopoulos P. ; Rolland C. ; Grosz G. ; Semmak F. ; Brash D.
Knowledge Acquisition for Mobile Robot Environment Mapping / Kulich M. ; Stepan P. ; Preucil L.
Text Understanding for Knowledge Base Generation in the SYNDICATE System / Hahn U. ; Romacker M
Knowledge Discovery with the Associative Memory Modell Neunet / Küng J. ; Hagmüller S. ; Hagmüller H.
Advanced Databases I
Tracking Mobile Users Utilizing Their Frequently Visited Locations / Lee C. ; Ke C.-H. ; Chen C.-C.
VPSF: A Parallel Signature File Technique Using Vertical Partitioning and Extendable Hashing / Kim J.-K. ; Chang J.-W.
A Case for Deltas in Business - to - Business Electronic Commerce / Ghandeharizadeh S. ; Sommers F.
Flexible Workflow Management Systems: An Approach Based on Generic Process Models / van der Aalst W.M.P.
Object-Orientation II
Object-Based Ordered Delivery of Messages in Object-Based Systems / Tanaka K. ; Higaki H. ; Takizawa M.
Storage and Retrieval of XML Documents Using Object-Relational Databases / Shimura T. ; Yoshikawa M. ; Uemura S.
Query Aspects II
SQL/LPP: A Time Series Extension of SQL Based on Limited Patience Patterns / Perng C.-S. ; Stott Parker D.
A Knowledge Based Approach for Modeling and Querying Multidimensional Databases / Bellahsene Z. ; Hacid M.-S.
An Incremental Hypercube Approach for Finding Best Matches for Vague Queries / Palkoska J.
Fundamentals for Applications II
Formalising Ontologies and Their Relations / Bench-Capon T. ; Malcolm G.
Is this Argument Justified, Overruled or Defensible? / Royakkers L
Addressing Efficiency Issues During the Process of Integrity Maintenance / Mayol E. ; Teniente E.
Advanced Databases II
Quality and Recommendation of Multi-Source Data for Assisting Technological Intelligence Applications / Berti L.
Benchmarking Attribute Cardinality Maps for Database Systems Using the TPC-D Specifications / Thiyagarajah M. ; Oommen J.
Using Self-organizing Maps to Organize Document Archives and to Characterize Subject Matters: How to Make a Map Tell the News of the World / Rauber A. ; Merkl D.
Object-Orientation III
Combining C-signature with Path Dictionary for Query Processing of Nested Objects in OODBS / Shin H. ; Chang J.
A CORBA Object-based Caching with Consistency / Tari Z. ; Hammoudi S. ; Wagner S.
From Object- Oriented Conceptual Modeling to Component-Based Development / Gomez J. ; Pastor O. ; Insfran E. ; Pelechano V.
Query Aspects III
Query Processing in Relationlog / Liu M.
Rewriting Queries using Views / Flesca S. ; Greco S.
A Query Subsumption Technique / Deen S.M. ; Al-Qasem M.
Fundamentals for Applications III
A Conference Key Multicasting Scheme Using Knapsack and Secret Sharing / Wang S.-J. ; Chang J.-F.
Verify Updating Trigger Correctness / Lee S.-Y. ; Ling T.-W.
A Flexible Weighting Scheme for Multimedia Documents / Ounis I.
Advanced Databases III
A Fast Method for Ensuring the Consistency of Integrity Constraints / Lowden B.G.T. ; Robinson J.
A Mechanism for Deriving Specifications of Security Functions in the Common Criteria Framework / Leiwo J.
Object-Orientation IV
Efficient Retrieval of Structured Documents from Object-Relational Databases / Berlanga R. ; Aramburu M.J. ; García S.
Analysis of Active Database Rules Behaviour Using Rewriting Logic / Rabih Y. ; Schneider M.
Parallel Object Server - Architecture and Performance / Kroha P. ; Lindner J.
Query Aspects IV
Using Contextual Fuzzy Views to Query Imprecise Data / Buche P. ; Loiseau S.
Combining Pat-Trees and Signature Files for Query Evaluation in Document Databases / Chen Y. ; Aberer K.
Answering Queries by Semantic Caches / Godfrey P. ; Gryz J.
Fundamentals for Applications IV
Simulating the Interaction of Database Agents / Ciarlini A.E.M. ; Furtado A.L.
Automatic and Semantic Techniques for Scheme Integration and Scheme Abstraction / Palopoli L ; Pontieri L. ; Ursino D.
Dialogue Management in a Virtual College / Beer M.D. ; Bench-Capon T.J.M. ; Sixsmith A.
Advanced Databases IV
Meta Data Based EDI for Small Enterprises / Wöss W.
Database Challenges for Genome Information in the Post Sequencing Phase / Moussouni F. ; Paton N.W. ; Hayes A. ; Oliver S. ; Goble C.A. ; Brass A.
Supporting Teams in Virtual Organizations / Hawryszkiewycz I.T.
Object-Orientation V
If We Refuse the Inheritance ... / Al-Jadir L. ; Léonard M.
Viewpoints Handling in an Object Model with Criterium-Based Classes / Couloundre S. ; Libourel T.
Query Aspects V
The Constructive Method for Query Containment Checking / Farré C. ; Urpí T.
On the Specification of Representation-Based Conditions in a Context of Incomplete Databases / Bosc P. ; Pivert O.
Fundamentals for Applications V
Methods and Interpretation of Database Summarisation / Roddick J.F. ; Mohania M.K. ; Madria S.K.
An Efficient Scalable Parallel View Maintenance Algorithm for Shared Nothing Multi-processor Machines / Bamha M. ; Bentayeb F. ; Hains G.
Using Back Propagation Algorithm and Genetic Algorithm to Train and Refine Neural Networks for Object Detection / Zhang M. ; Ciesielski V.
Advanced Databases V
An Adaptive, Maintainable, Extensible Process Agent / Debenham J
Metadata, a "Semantic" Approach / Zarri G.P.
Heterogeneous, Distributed and Federated Database Systems I
Resolving Ontological Heterogeneity in the KRAFT Project / Uchôa E.M.A. ; Melo R.N. ; Visser P.R.S. ; Jones D.M. ; Diaz B.M. ; Shave M.J.R.
Generation of Conceptual Wrappers for Legacy Databases / Thiran P. ; Chougrani A. ; Hick J-M. ; Hainaut J.-L.
Transactions I
Design and Implementation of Linear Hash Algorithm in a Nested Transaction Environment / Tubaishat M.A. ; Bhargava B.
Supporting Partial Isolation in Flat Transactions / Karlsen R.
Applications I
Using a Similarity Measurement to Partition a Vocabulary of Medical Concepts / Gu H. ; Geller J. ; Liu L.-m. ; Halper M.
A Study on Musical Features for Melody Databases / Yip C.L. ; Kao B.
Using Multimedia in Aeronautical Technical Documentation / Duluc F.
Data-Warehousing and Data-Mining I
Data Warehouse Design and Maintenance through View Normalizaiton / Mohania M. ; Karlapalem K. ; Kambayashi Y.
Cleansing Data for Mining and Warehousing / Lee M.L. ; Lu H. ; Ling T. W. ; Ko Y.T.
DROLAP - A Dense-Region Based Approach to On-Line Analytical Processing / Cheung D.W. ; Zhou B. ; Hu K. ; Lee S.D.
Heterogeneous, Distributed and Federated Database Systems II
Availability and Reliability Issues in Distributed Databases Using Optimal Horizontal Fragmentation / Khalil N. ; Eid D. ; Khair M.
Object Clustering Methods and a Query Decomposition Strategy for Distributed Object-Based Information Systems / Leclercq E. ; Savonnet M. ; Terrasse M.-N. ; Yétongnon K.
Dynamic Adjustment of Localized Constraints / Pietrzyk M. ; Mazumdar S. ; Cline R.
Solent - A Platform for Distributed Open Hypermedia Applications / Reich S. ; Griffiths J. ; Millard D.E. ; Davis H.C.
Transactions II
Concurrency Control for Global Transaction Management in MDBSs / Lee K.-W. ; Park S. ; Oh G.-R.
Transactional Computation / Berztiss A.T.
Database Versions to Represent Bitemporal Databases / Gançarski S.
Applications II
A Case Study in Information Delivery to Mass Retail Markets / Kotlyar V. ; Viveros M.S. ; Duri S.S. ; Lawrence R.D. ; Almasi G.S.
Towards a Scalable System Architecture in Digital Libraries / Haddouti H. ; Wohner W. ; Bayer R.
MOSAIC: A Multi-feature Access Method for Large Image Databases / Goh S.-T. ; Tan K.-L.
Data-Warehousing and Data-Mining II
Enhancing Data Warehousing with Fuzzy Technology / Feng L. ; Dillon T.
Mining Several Databases with an Ensemble of Classifiers / Puuronen S. ; Terziyan V. ; Logvinovsky A.
WebTool: An Integrated Framework for Data Mining / Masseglia F. ; Poncelet P. ; Cicchetti R.
Heterogeneous, Distributed and Federated Database Systems III
Local and Federated Database Schemas Evolution. An Impact Propagation Model / Deruelle L. ; Bouneffa M. ; Goncalves G. ; Nicolas J.C.
Adaptive Caching Management for Multimedia Support / Andres F. ; Ono K.
An Approach Towards Virtual Global Information Systems / Wu X.
Transactions III
Transaction Shipping Approach for Mobile Distributed Real-Time Databases / Lam K.-y. ; Kuo T.-W. ; Tsang W.-H. ; Law G.C.K.
Distributed Global Transaction Support for Workflow Management Applications / Vonk J. ; Grefen P. ; Boertjes E. ; Apers P.
Spatial Aspects I
Update Propagation of Replicated Data in Distributed Spatial Databases / Choi J.O. ; Shin Y.S. ; Hong B.H.
Split Algorithms for Sets of High-Dimensional Objects / Teuhola J.
Spatio-Temporal Multimedia Presentations as Database Objects / Adiba M. ; Zechinelli Martini J.-L.
World Wide Web Applications I
WWW Bookmark Modeling and Visualization: A Fuzzy Based Approach / Petrou C. ; Charitas D. ; Martakos D.
PTA - A Personal Translation Assistant for Accessing the World Wide Web / Winiwarter W.
Temporal Aspects
Reasoning about Events with Imprecise Location and Multiple Granularities / Chittaro L. ; Combi C.
Effective Temporal Aggregation Using Point-Based Trees / Kim J.S. ; Kang S.T. ; Kim M.H.
Temporal Indexing with Multidimensional File Structures / Voigtmann A. ; Hinrichs K.H.
Communicating Time-Oriented, Skeletal Plans to Domain Experts Lucidly / Miksch S. ; Kosara R.
Spatial Aspects II
More BANG for Your Buck: A Performance Comparison of BANG and R* Spatial Indexing / Freeston M. ; Geffner S. ; Hörhammer M.
A High-Performance Spatial Storage System Based on Main-Memory Database Architecture / Park J.H. ; Kim K. ; Cha S.K. ; Song M.S. ; Lee S. ; Lee J.
World Wide Web Applications II
On the Feasibility of Website Refresh Queries / Liu H.
Building Cyber Broker in Digital Marketplaces Using Java and CORBA / Eng P.-K. ; Ooi B.C.
Experiments in Adaptable and Secure Multimedia Database Systems / Li S.
Author Index
Invited Talk
On Tractable Queries and Constraints / Gottlob G. ; Leone N. ; Scarcello F.
Object-Orientation I


Marco Gori, Giovanni Soda (eds.)
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シリーズ名: Lecture notes in computer science ; 992 . Lecture notes in artificial intelligence
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Associazione italiana per l'intelligenza artificiale. Congress, Marco Gori, Giovanni Soda
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