George A. Vouros, Themistoklis Panayiotopoulos (eds.)
出版情報: Berlin ; Tokyo : Springer, c2004  xv, 546 p. ; 24 cm
シリーズ名: Lecture notes in computer science ; 3025 . Lecture notes in artificial intelligence
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Invited Talks
Constraint Satisfaction, Complexity, and Logic / Phokion G. Kolaitis
Dynamic Discovery, Invocation and Composition of Semantic Web Services / Katia Sycara
Information Management
Data Brokers: Building Collections through Automated Negotiation / Fillia Makedon ; Song Ye ; Sheng Zhang ; James Ford ; Li Shen ; Sarantos Kapidakis
P2P-DIET: Ad-hoc and Continuous Queries in Peer-to-Peer Networks Using Mobile Agents / Stratos Idreos ; Manolis Koubarakis
Taxonomy-Based Annotation of XML Documents: Application to eLearning Resources / Birahim Gueye ; Philippe Rigaux ; Nicolas Spyratos
Precise Photo Retrieval on the Web with a Fuzzy Logic\Neural Network-Based Meta-search Engine / Ioannis Anagnostopoulos ; Christos Anagnostopoulos ; George Kouzas ; Vergados Dimitrios
Intelligent Web Prefetching Based upon User Profiles - The WebNaut Case / George Kastaniotis ; Nick Zacharis ; Themis Panayiotopoulos ; Christos Douligeris
An Intelligent System for Aerial Image Retrieval and Classification / Antonios Gasteratos ; Panagiotis Zafeiridis ; Ioannis Andreadis
Computationally Intelligent Methods for Mining 3D Medical Images / Despina Kontos ; Vasileios Megalooikonomou
Text Area Identification in Web Images / Stavros J. Perantonis ; Basilios Gatos ; Vassilios Maragos ; Vangelis Karkaletsis ; George Petasis
A Mixed Reality Learning Environment for Geometry Education / George Nikolakis ; George Fergadis ; Dimitrios Tzovaras ; Michael G. Strintzis
A Multi-criteria Protocol for Multi-agent Negotiations / Nikolaos F. Matsatsinis ; Pavlos Delias
Clustering XML Documents by Structure / Theodore Dalamagas ; Tao Cheng ; Klaas-Jan Winkel ; Timos Sellis
Machine Learning
Music Performer Verification Based on Learning Ensembles / Efstathios Stamatatos ; Ergina Kavallieratou
Using the k-Nearest Problems for Adaptive Multicriteria Planning / Grigorios Tsoumakas ; Dimitris Vrakas ; Nick Bassiliades ; Ioannis Vlahavas
Focused Crawling Using Temporal Difference-Learning / Alexandros Grigoriadis ; Georgios Paliouras
A Meta-classifier Approach for Medical Diagnosis / George L. Tsirogiannis ; Dimitrios Frossyniotis ; Konstantina S. Nikita ; Andreas Stafylopatis
Learning In-between Concept Descriptions Using Iterative Induction / George Potamias ; Vassilis Moustakis
Splitting Data in Decision Trees Using the New False-Positives Criterion / Basilis Boutsinas ; Ioannis X. Tsekouronas
Efficient Training Algorithms for the Probabilistic RBF Network / Constantinos Constantinopoulos ; Aristidis Likas
Using k-Nearest Neighbor and Feature Selection as an Improvement to Hierarchical Clustering / Phivos Mylonas ; Manolis Wallace ; Stefanos Kollias
Feature Deforming for Improved Similarity-Based Learning / Sergios Petridis
Incremental Mixture Learning for Clustering Discrete Data / Konstantinos Blekas
A Cost Sensitive Technique for Ordinal Classification Problems / Sotiris B. Kotsiantis ; Panagiotis E. Pintelas
Pap-Smear Classification Using Efficient Second Order Neural Network Training Algorithms / Nikolaos Ampazis ; George Dounias ; Jan Jantzen
Towards an Imitation System for Learning Robots / George Maistros ; Gillian Hayes
Data Mining and Diagnosis
Gene Selection via Discretized Gene-Expression Profiles and Greedy Feature-Elimination / Lefteris Koumakis
Automatic Detection of Abnormal Tissue in Bilateral Mammograms Using Neural Networks / Ioanna Christoyianni ; Emmanouil Constantinou ; Evangelos Dermatas
Feature Selection for Robust Detection of Distributed Denial-of-Service Attacks Using Genetic Algorithms / Gavrilis Dimitris ; Tsoulos Ioannis ; Dermatas Evangelos
An Intelligent Tool for Bio-magnetic Signal Processing / Skarlas Lambros ; Adam Adamopoulos ; Georgopoulos Stratos ; Likothanassis Spiridon
Knowledge Representation and Search
Hierarchical Bayesian Networks: An Approach to Classification and Learning for Structured Data / Elias Gyftodimos ; Peter A. Flach
Fuzzy Automata for Fault Diagnosis: A Syntactic Analysis Approach / Gerasimos G. Rigatos ; Spyros G. Tzafestas
A Discussion of Some Intuitions of Defeasible Reasoning / Grigoris Antoniou
Knowledge Representation Using a Modified Earley's Algorithm / Christos Pavlatos ; Ioannis Panagopoulos ; George Papakonstantinou
Fuzzy Causal Maps in Business Modeling and Performance-Driven Process Re-engineering / George Xirogiannis ; Michael Glykas
Construction and Repair: A Hybrid Approach to Search in CSPs / Konstantinos Chatzikokolakis ; George Boukeas ; Panagiotis Stamatopoulos
Arc Consistency in Binary Encodings of Non-binary CSPs: Theoretical and Experimental Evaluation / Nikos Samaras ; Kostas Stergiou
Inherent Choice in the Search Space of Constraint Satisfaction Problem Instances / Constantinos Halatsis ; Vassilis Zissimopoulos
Natural Language Processing
Part-of-Speech Tagging in Molecular Biology Scientific Abstracts Using Morphological and Contextual Statistical Information
A Name-Matching Algorithm for Supporting Ontology Enrichment / Alexandros G. Valarakos ; George Vouros
Text Normalization for the Pronunciation of Non-standard Words in an Inflected Language / Gerasimos Xydas ; Georgios Karberis ; Georgios Kouroupertroglou
Multi-topic Information Filtering with a Single User Profile / Nikolaos Nanas ; Victoria Uren ; Anne de Roeck ; John Domingue
Exploiting Cross-Document Relations for Multi-document Evolving Summarization / Stergos D. Afantenos ; Irene Doura ; Eleni Kapellou
Invited Session: AI in Power System Operation and Fault Diagnosis
Diagnosing Transformer Faults with Petri Nets / John A. Katsigiannis ; Pavlos S. Georgilakis ; Athanasios T. Souflaris ; Kimon P. Valavanis
Short-Term Load Forecasting Using Radial Basis Function Networks / Zbigniew Gontar ; George Sideratos ; Nikos Hatziargyriou
Reinforcement Learning (RL) to Optimal Reconfiguration of Radial Distribution System (RDS) / John G. Vlachogiannis
A Multi-agent System for Microgrids / Aris Dimeas
Invited Session: Intelligent Techniques in Image Processing Automated Medical Image Registration Using the Simulated Annealing Algorithm / Ilias Maglogiannis ; Elias Zafiropoulos
Adaptive Rule-Based Facial Expression Recognition / Spiros Ioannou ; Amaryllis Raouzaiou ; Kostas Karpouzis ; Minas Pertselakis ; Nicolas Tsapatsoulis
Locating Text in Historical Collection Manuscripts / Ioannis Pratikakis
Semi-automatic Extraction of Semantics from Football Video Sequences / Vassilis Tzouvaras ; Giorgos Stamou
Invited Session: Intelligent Virtual Environments
Agents and Affect: Why Embodied Agents Need Affective Systems / Ruth S. Aylett
Synthetic Characters with Emotional States / Nikos Avradinis ; Spyros Vosinakis
Control and Autonomy for Intelligent Virtual Agent Behaviour / Daniel Thalmann
Reflex Movements for a Virtual Human: A Biology Inspired Approach / Mario Gutierrez ; Frederic Vexo
Integrating miniMin-HSP Agents in a Dynamic Simulation Framework / Miguel Lozano ; Francisco Grimaldo ; Fernando Barber
Author Index
Invited Talks
Constraint Satisfaction, Complexity, and Logic / Phokion G. Kolaitis
Dynamic Discovery, Invocation and Composition of Semantic Web Services / Katia Sycara


John Darzentas, Argyris Arnellos, Jörg Siekmann, Spyros Vosinakis, George A. Vouros
出版情報: Springer eBooks Computer Science , Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2008
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Invited Talks
Grounding Concrete Motion Concepts with a Linguistic Framework / Gutemberg Guerra-Filho ; Yiannis Aloimonos
Emotion in Cognitive Systems Architectures / Tom Ziemke
Full Papers
Application of Naturalistic Decision Making to Emergency Evacuation Simulations / Fatemeh Alavizadeh ; Behzad Moshiri ; Caro Lucas
A Multi-agent Environment for Serving Proof Explanations in the Semantic Web / Grigoris Antoniou ; Antonis Bikakis ; Polyvios Damianakis ; Mixalhs Foukarakis ; Giorgos Iacovidis ; Marianna Karmazi ; Haridimos Kondylakis ; Antreas Makridakis ; Giorgos Nikiforos ; Grigoris Papadourakis ; Manolis Papoutsakis ; Aggeliki Psyharaki ; Giorgos Stratakis ; Panagiotis Tourlakis ; Petros Tsialiamanis ; Giorgos Vasileiadis ; Gerd Wagner ; Dimitris Velegrakis
A Study of SAT-Based Branching Heuristics for the CSP / Yannis Argyropoulos ; Kostas Stergiou
Autonomy in Virtual Agents: Integrating Perception and Action on Functionally Grounded Representations / Argyris Arnellos ; Spyros Vosinakis ; George Anastasakis ; John Darzentas
A Sparse Regression Mixture Model for Clustering Time-Series / K. Blekas ; N. Galatsanos ; A. Likas
Human Distress Sound Analysis and Characterization Using Advanced Classification Techniques / Charalampos Doukas ; Ilias Maglogiannis
A Genetic Programming Environment for System Modeling / Efstratios F. Georgopoulos ; George P. Zarogiannis ; Adam V. Adamopoulos ; Anastasios P. Vassilopoulos ; Spiridon D. Likothanassis
Mining Gene Expression Profiles and Gene Regulatory Networks: Identification of Phenotype-Specific Molecular Mechanisms / Alexandros Kanterakis ; Dimitris Kafetzopoulos ; Vassilis Moustakis ; George Potamias
MOpiS: A Multiple Opinion Summarizer / Fotis Kokkoras ; Efstratia Lampridou ; Konstantinos Ntonas ; Ioannis Vlahavas
Human Behavior Classification Using Multiple Views / Dimitrios I. Kosmopoulos ; Panagiota Antonakaki ; Konstandinos Valasoulis ; Anastasios Kesidis ; Stavros Perantonis
A Hamming Maxnet That Determines all the Maxima / Konstantinos Koutroumbas
Item-Based Filtering and Semantic Networks for Personalized Web Content Adaptation in E-Commerce / Panayiotis Koutsabasis
Fuzzy Representation and Synthesis of Concepts in Engineering Design / Vassilis C. Moulianitis ; Nikos A. Aspragathos ; Argiris J. Dentsoras
Phonotactic Recognition of Greek and Cypriot Dialects from Telephone Speech / Iosif Mporas ; Todor Ganchev ; Nikos Fakotakis
A "Bag" or a "Window" of Words for Information Filtering? / Nikolaos Nanas ; Manolis Vavalis
A Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm to Estimate the Parameters of Radial Basis Functions Neural Networks and Its Application to System Modeling / Antonios D. Niros ; George E. Tsekouras
Speech/Music Discrimination Based on Discrete Wavelet Transform / Stavros Ntalampiras
Comparing Datasets Using Frequent Itemsets: Dependency on the Mining Parameters / Irene Ntoutsi ; Yannis Theodoridis
A Theory of Action, Knowledge and Time in the Event Calculus / Theodore Patkos ; Dimitris Plexousakis
Tensor Space Models for Authorship Identification / Spyridon Plakias ; Efstathios Stamatatos
Efficient Incremental Model for Learning Context-Free Grammars from Positive Structural Examples / Gend Lal Prajapati ; Narendra S. Chaudhari ; Manohar Chandwani
Enhancing NetLogo to Simulate BDI Communicating Agents / Ilias Sakellariou ; Petros Kefalas ; Ioanna Stamatopoulou
Integration of Computational Intelligence Applications in Engineering Design / Kostas M. Saridakis
A Prolog Based System That Assists Experts to Construct and Simulate Fuzzy Cognitive Maps / Athanasios Tsadiras
Incremental Relevance Vector Machine with Kernel Learning / Dimitris Tzikas ; Aristidis Likas ; Nikolaos Galatsanos
Histogram-Based Visual Object Recognition for the 2007 Four-Legged RoboCup League / Souzana Volioti ; Michail G. Lagoudakis
Learning Ontologies of Appropriate Size / Elias Zavitsanos ; Sergios Petridis ; Georgios Paliouras ; George A. Vouros
Short Papers
Bayesian Model of Recognition on a Finite Set of Events / Vladimir Berikov ; Gennady Lbov
The DR-Prolog Tool Suite for Defeasible Reasoning and Proof Explanation in the Semantic Web / Constantinos Papatheodorou
Modeling Stroke Diagnosis with the Use of Intelligent Techniques / S. Lalas ; N. Ampazis ; A. Tsakonas ; G. Dounias ; K. Vemmos
Introducing Parallel Computations to a PTTP-Based First-Order Reasoning Process in the Oz Language / Adam Meissner
A Dense Stereo Correspondence Algorithm for Hardware Implementation with Enhanced Disparity Selection / Lazaros Nalpantidis ; Georgios Ch. Sirakoulis ; Antonios Gasteratos
MyCites: An Intelligent Information System for Maintaining Citations / George Papadakis
Improving the Integration of Neuro-Symbolic Rules with Case-Based Reasoning / Jim Prentzas ; Ioannis Hatzilygeroudis ; Othon Michail
Rule-Based Fuzzy Logic System for Diagnosing Migraine / Svetlana Simic ; Dragan Simic ; Petar Slankamenac ; Milana Simic-Ivkov
An Individualized Web-Based Algebra Tutor Based on Dynamic Deep Model Tracing / Dimitrios Sklavakis ; Ioannis Refanidis
Design and Optimization of IIR Digital Filters with Non-standard Characteristics Using Continuous Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm / Adam Slowik ; Michal Bialko
An Empirical Study of Lazy Multilabel Classification Algorithms / E. Spyromitros ; G. Tsoumakas ; I. Vlahavas
An Algorithm of Decentralized Artificial Immune Network and Its Implementation / Mariusz Swiecicki
Predicting Defects in Software Using Grammar-Guided Genetic Programming / Athanasios Tsakonas ; Georgios Dounias
A Clustering Framework to Build Focused Web Crawlers for Automatic Extraction of Cultural Information / Damianos Gavalas ; Stefanos Filios ; George Bafaloukas
Non-negative Matrix Factorization for Endoscopic Video Summarization / Spyros Tsevas ; Dimitris Iakovidis ; Dimitris Maroulis ; Emmanuel Pavlakis ; Andreas Polydorou
Nature Inspired Intelligence for the Constrained Portfolio Optimization Problem / Vassilios Vassiliadis
CLIVE - An Artificially Intelligent Chat Robot for Conversational Language Practice / John Zakos ; Liesl Capper
Author Index
Invited Talks
Grounding Concrete Motion Concepts with a Linguistic Framework / Gutemberg Guerra-Filho ; Yiannis Aloimonos
Emotion in Cognitive Systems Architectures / Tom Ziemke