edited by Luis M. Camarinha-Matos, Hamideh Afsarmanesh, Heinz-H. Erbe
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シリーズ名: The International Federation for Information Processing ; 53
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Program Committee
Preface: Towards Networked Enterprising
Integration in Virtual Enterprises / Part 1:
Supporting Business Process Management and Coordination in a Virtual Enterprise / L. M. Camarinha-Matos ; C. Pantoja-Lima1.:
Towards Focused Markets of Resources for Agile Virtual Enterprise Integration / M. M. Cunha ; G. D. Putnik ; P. Avila2.:
System Architectures for Manufacturing Co-Ordination in Complex Supply Networks / H. Loh ; T. M. Rupp ; M. Ristic3.:
Information Management in Virtual Enterprises / Part 2:
Federated Query Processing for Distributed Process Coordination in Virtual Enterprises / C. Garita ; H. Afsarmanesh ; Y. Ugur ; L. O. Hertzberger4.:
An Internet Solution for Virtual Enterprises Based on an Object-Oriented Real-Time Database / G. Schaub5.:
Enterprise Engineering and Intergration in the Global Environment / K. Kosanke ; F. B. Vernadat ; M. Zelm6.:
Distributed Production in Virtual Enterprises / Part 3:
Enacting Dynamic Distribution Networks--the Damascos Project / T. Goletz ; J. J. Pinto Ferreira7.:
For a Smart Coordination of Distributed Business Processes / R. J. Rabelo ; A. P. Klen ; A. C. Ferreira8.:
Distributed Production with Specification-Generated Processes / T. Janowski9.:
Creation of Virtual Enterprises / Part 4:
Virtual Production Network Configuration: Acs-Approach and Tools / F. Golm ; A. V. Smirnov10.:
Virtual Industry Clusters: Foundation to Create Virtual Enterprises / M. Flores ; A. Molina11.:
A Method for Identifying and Evaluating Core Competencies' Constituent Skills for Virtual Industry Clusters / J. E. M. Siqueira ; C. F. Bremer12.:
Cooperative Work / Part 5:
Using Multiversion Web Servers for Data-Based Synchronization of Cooperative Work / J. Rykowski13.:
Evaluation of Workflow Management Technology for the Co-Ordination of Telework / P. Araujo ; J. J. P. Ferreira ; D. Forster ; J. Goletz ; F. Heller ; E. Mendes ; E. Stoilas14.:
Learning Processes in Networked Enterprises / H.-H. Erbe15.:
Multi-Agent Systems / Part 6:
Adaptive Mobile Agents: Enhanced Flexibility in Internet-Based Remote Operation / W. Vieira16.:
Acquaintance Model in Re-Planning and Re-Configuration / V. Marik ; M. Pechoucek ; O. Stepankova17.:
Multi-Agent Based Supply Chain Management with Market Emergence Phenomenon / T. Kaihara18.:
Economic Aspects of New Infrastructures / Part 7:
The Delta Model: A Framework for the Effective Implementation of it to Enable Organizational Change / H. Boekhoff19.:
Economic Evaluation of Delays Reduction: A Global Approach / A. Dumolard ; M. Pouly ; R. Glardon20.:
E-Commerce: The Virtual Battlefield / T. Litzinger ; J. A. Wise21.:
Human and Social Aspects / Part 8:
Implementation Methodology of Complex Manufacturing Environment in a Brownfield Site / A. B. Moniz ; P. Urze22.:
Complex Objects and Anthropocentric Systems Design / F. W. Bruns23.:
Balancing Automation and Human Work in Environment Oriented Student Projects / D. Brandt ; A. Blum ; A. Woyke24.:
Human Interfaces / Part 9:
Concept Sharing Between Human and Interface Agent Under Time Criticality / T. Sawaragi ; T. Ogura25.:
Virtual Reality User Interface for Autonomous Production / C. Schlick ; R. Reuth ; H. Luczak26.:
Design of Deadlock Avoidance Compensators for Anthropocentric Production Systems / P. E. Miyagi ; D. J. Santos Filho ; W. M. Arata27.:
Production Scheduling / Part 10:
Integration of Maintenance Constraints in Scheduling: Fuzzy Modelling and Multi-Agent Approach / T. Coudert ; B. Grabot ; B. Archimede28.:
Autonomous Multi-Agents Architecture for Control of Manufacturing Systems / B. Bouzouia ; Y. Hafri ; T. Boudellal29.:
A Genetic Algorithm for the Dynamic Single Machine Scheduling Problem / A. Madureira ; C. Ramos ; S. C. Silva30.:
Knowledge and Information Management / Part 11:
Multi-Agent Systems and Enterprise Modeling / G. Pepiot31.:
Knowledge Management in a Distributed Organisation / M. Dzbor ; J. Paralic ; M. Paralic32.:
Integrated Product Data Management Based on a Uniform User Interface / W. Woss33.:
Information Technology in Transportation / Part 12:
Evaluating Visual Display Designs in Vehicles: Advantages and Disadvantages of the Occlusion Technique / J. F. Krems ; A. Keinath ; M. Baumann ; C. Gelau ; K. Bengler34.:
Objective Evaluation of the Complexity of Usage for Car Infotainment Systems / R. M. Jung ; H.-P. Willumeit35.:
Human Interface for Heart Rate Control During Bicycle Ergometer Exercise / K. Yokoyama ; H. Hidaka ; Y. Miura ; Y. Mizuno36.:
Automation and Control / Part 13:
Modeling and Control of an Omnidirectional Mobile Robot / S.G. Tzafestas ; T. Krikochoritis ; A. Melfi37.:
CNC Machine Ruled Surface Interpolation: A Neural Network Approach for Cheap Processing / L. R. Canali ; M. R. Modesti ; E. A. Destefanis38.:
Various Approaches in Classification of Technical Processes / P. Becvar ; L. Muller39.:
Sensors and Automation / Part 14:
A Simple Hand-Eye Calibration Method for a 3D Laser Range Sensor / M. Sallinen ; T. Heikkila40.:
Advanced Microwave Sensor Based Control Concept for Concrete Production / J. Kickstein ; J. Held ; U. Kirchhoff41.:
Electrical Energy Conservation in a Commercial Building with systems Automation / J. R. Pinto ; C. C. Moraes ; A. F. Brandao Jr.42.:
Simulation / Part 15:
Integrating Manufacturing Simulation Tools Using Distributed Object Technology / N. Senin ; R. Groppetti ; A. Rossi ; D. R. Wallace43.:
Simulation of Agent-Based Controlled Production Networks by Distributed Simulation Models / G. Seliger ; M. Ciupek44.:
Multimodelling and Simulation: The First Step in the Implementation of an Automation Project in a SME / H. P. Moruzzi ; G. D. Tripodi45.:
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Technical Co-Sponsors
Program Committee
Preface: Towards Networked Enterprising


ACM Conference on Electronic Commerce ; Special Interest Group on Electronic Commerce ; Association for Computing Machinery
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