International Council for Building Research, Studies and Documentation
出版情報: London : E & FN Spon, an imprint of Chapman & Hall, 1991-  v. ; 30 cm
巻次年月次: Vol. 19, no. 1 (Jan./Feb. 1991)-
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Symposium on Weathertight Joints for Walls ; International Council for Building Research, Studies and Documentation
出版情報: Oslo : Norwegian Building Research Institute, 1967  2 v. ; 30 cm
シリーズ名: Rapport ; 51A-51B
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sponsored by the Construction Division of American Society of Civil Engineers, the M.E. Rinker School of Construction at the University of Florida, International Council for Building Research Studies and Documentation ; edited by Kenneth D. Walsh
出版情報: Reston, Va. : ASCE, c2000  xv, 1232 p. ; 22 cm
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Construction Modeling
An Automated Approach for Accounting for Spaces Required by Construction Activities / Burcu Akinci ; Martin Fischer
Interactive Coordination of Distributed Work Plans / Hyun Jeong Choo ; Iris D. Tommelein
An Automated Building Design System with Topological Information / Tang-Hung Nguyen ; Amr A. Oloufa
An Activity-Based Data Acquisition and Job Costing Model: A Case Study / Aminah Robinson Fayek
Computer Usage by Contractors in Utah / Kevin Miller ; Howard H. Bashford
Bayesian Belief Networks for Diagnosing Asphalt Paving Construction Problems / Trefor P. Williams
Artificial Intelligent Performance-Based Procurement System / Dean T. Kashiwagi
Image Database for Characterizing Field Cycle Time Data / Govindan Kannan ; Michael C. Vorster
Construction Simulation
Construction Process Simulation of Multiple Interdependent Processes / E. Sarah Slaughter ; Alessandra Orsoni
Microtunneling: Productivity Analysis Using Simulation / Alberto A. Nido ; Dulcy M. Abraham
Creating Special Purpose Simulation Tools with Simphony / Dany Hajjar ; Yasser Mohamed ; Simaan AbouRizk
Special Purpose Simulation Templates for Tunneling / Janaka Y. Ruwanpura ; Simaan M. AbouRizk ; K. C. Er ; Siri Fernando
Petri Net-Based Scheduling of a Bridge Project / Anil Sawhney ; Amarneethi Vamadevan
STRATEGY: A Construction Simulation Environment / Brenda McCabe ; Kei Sze Ching ; Savio Rodrigues
A Computer Simulation of the Construction of the Alamillo Bridge in Seville, Spain / Rene A. Yamin Lopez ; Daniel W. Halpin
Activity-Based Construction (ABC) Simulation Modeling vs. Critical Path Method (CPM) / Jonathan Jingsheng Shi
Resource-Interacted Simulation Modeling in Construction / David K.H. Chua ; G.M. Li
Decision Aids for Sewer Pipeline Installation and Rehabilitation / Sanjiv B. Gokhale ; Makarand Hastak
Electronic Communications
Development of the Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI) Virtual Users Group on the World Wide Web / SangBum Kim ; G. Edward Gibson, Jr.
Project Specific Websites to Improve Communication on Jobsites / Karmyn Babcock ; Mark O. Federle
Opportunities to Use Speech Recognition for Bridge Inspection / Jirapon Sunkpho ; James H. Garrett, Jr. ; Asim Smailagic
Data Warehousing in Construction Organizations / Irtishad Ahmad
Mobile Schedule Tracking Technology at the Jobsite / Kimberly A. Repass ; Jesus M. de la Garza ; Walid Y. Thabet
Construction Dispute Solved with Computer Graphics / Jerry D. Brown ; Eric Fruchtman
The Construction Industry's Adoption of the Internet / Gerald Francis Smith ; Avi Wiezel
Construction Education
Educating Future Constructors Utilizing a Project Specific Web Site / Craig D. Capano ; Douglas C. Stahl ; Michael McGeen
Mechanical Craft Training in Western Washington / John E. Schaufelberger
Integrating Construction into a Civil and Environmental Engineering Curriculum / James B. Pocock ; S. Rod Jenkins ; Ronald B. Meade ; Zane W. Mitchell ; Patrick D. Zuraski
Virtual Environments for Construction Engineering and Management Education / Eddy M. Rojas
A Capstone Design Course on Professional Construction Management for Undergraduate Students / Hashem M. Al-Tabtabai
Internet-Based Interactive Construction Management Learning System / Jen Marble ; Andre Mund
Interdisciplinary Team Building as Part of the Construction Education Process / Darlene M. Septelka
Interactive Use of Mathematical Software in Teaching Structures Courses / Mousa Gargari
CDAT: Enhancing Professional Experience Using Digital Video / James E. Diekmann ; Anthony D. Songer ; Seung H. Han
Transition to Practice: A Construction Engineering Capstone Course / Michael L. Leming ; Paul P. McCain
Concrete Materials and Construction: Education Connected to Industry / James J. Ernzen
Videoconferencing: The Virtual Guest Lecturer / William C. Epstein
Quality of Design and Construction
Development of a Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI) for General Building Projects / Chung-Suk Cho ; G. Edward Gibson Jr.
Contractor Quality Control Testing Levels for Highway Construction / Robert L. Schmitt ; Awad S. Hanna ; Jeffrey S. Russell ; Erik V. Nordheim
Inspection Tasks for Hot Mix Asphalt Overlays / Galadriel A. Jung
Concrete Deterioration Diagnosis / Giovanni Raimondi
Reasoning about Construction Methods / Asad Udaipurwala ; Alan D. Russell
Sustainable Development
Resource Allocation and Problem Prioritization for Sustainable Facilities and Infrastructure / Annie R. Pearce ; Rita A. Gregory ; Jorge A. Vanegas
Drivers for Change: An Organizational Perspective on Sustainable Construction
Productive Construction in Developing Regions / Enno "Ed" Koehn ; Hetal Mehta
Social Concerns in Utility Maintenance Construction / Marcos Garcia
Remediation of Contaminated Sites Using Horizontal Directional Drilling / Samuel T. Ariaratnam ; Erez N. Allouche
Environmental Remediation of Fire-Damaged Buildings / Mutasem El-Fadel
Sustainable Management for Highway Construction / Ashraf El-Assaly ; Ralph Ellis
Business and Management Strategies
Strategies for Successful Partnering Relationships
Marketing Construction Services
Construction Management at Risk: An Innovative Project Delivery Method at Stormwater Treatment Area in the Everglades, Florida / Young H. Kwak ; Randall Bushey
Achieving Strategic Infrastructure Goals for Quasi-Public Agencies / Katie J. Adams ; John B. Miller
Strategic Management in Construction Organizations / Paul S. Chinowsky
Decision Support for Contract Strategy / P.K. Loh ; D.K.H. Chua ; Y.C. Kog ; M. Henningsen
Improvement Teams for Construction Administration / Charles T. Jahren
Variables Affecting Innovations in the U.S. Construction Industry / Paul M. Goodrum ; Carl T. Haas
Prediction of Construction Disputes in Change Issues / Kyoo-Chul (KC) Shin ; Keith Molenaar
Multi-Dimensional Utility Model for Selection of a Trenchless Construction Method / E.N. Allouche ; S.T. Ariaratnam ; S.M. AbouRizk
Motivational Assessment of Construciton Engineers / Amarjit Singh
The Impacts of Obstacles in Asian Cross-Border Construction / Y. Wang ; W.T. Tan
Purchasing and Payment Policies for Building Construction Materials / M. Asum U. Abdul-Malak ; Nadim E. Abboud ; Ghassan R. Chehab
Claim-Avoidance Administrative Procedures for Construction Projects / M. Asem U. Abdul-Malak ; Mustafa M.H. El-Saadi
The Union Decertification Process: Contractor's Rights / Nancy L. Holland ; Nancy J. White
Design-Build Delivery
Delivering Quality School Projects
Stakeholder Input in Design-Build Highway Construction / Keith R. Molenaar ; Rick Smith ; Justin Sencer
Evaluation of the Design-Build Delivery Process for a State Department of Transportation Pilot Project / James Ernzen ; Craig Albelda ; Kraig Knutson
Safety in Construction
Ironworkers: Pyhsiological Demands during Construction Work / Tariq S. Abdelhamid ; John G. Everett
Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) Construction Site Accident Experience / Sheryl Birch ; C.J. Schexnayder ; Sandra Weber
Safety Constructability: Designer Involvement in Construction Site Safety / John A. Gambatese
Owner Involvement in Construction Site Safety
The Relationship Between Pavement Width and Highway Safety on Two-Lane Paved Highway in Alberta, Canada / Les Hempsey
Lean Construction
Last Planner Technique: A Case Study / Mun-Wei Leong
Coordination and Production Planning for Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Construction / David Riley
Construction of Advanced Technology Facilities
Water Reclaim Strategies for the Microelectronics Industry / Allan Chasey ; Ed Striffler
Design and Construction Issues for 300mm Semiconductor Manufacturing Facilities / Saloni Merchant
Semiconductor Layout Alternatives Enabled by Modular Fab Design Concepts and AMHS Linkage / Theron D. Colvin ; Lawrence S. Hennessy ; Gerald T. Mackulak
Improving Delivery of High-Intensity Projects / Victor Sanvido ; Bevan Mace ; Amit Garg
Schedule Impact of Alternative Framing Systems / Colby Robinson
Construction Vibrations and Their Impact on Vibration-Sensitive Facilities / Hal Amick ; Michael Gendreau
Construction of Foundations and Earthwork
Construction of High-Performance Equipment Foundations / James A. Cooper
Subsurface Ground Movements Associated with Trenchless Pipe Replacement Methods / Jason S. Lueke
Excavatability in Caliche Soils in Arizona: Comparison of Owner and Contractor Perspectives / Kenneth D. Walsh ; Kaushik C. Sheth
Structural Failure of Pile Foundations during Installation / Mohamad H. Hussein ; George G. Goble
Case Studies of U.S. Construction Labor Productivity Trends, 1970-1998 / John D. Borcherding ; Eric Allmon
Methodology for Evaluating Program and Faculty Productivity in Construction Related Programs / Munjal Bhatt
Methodology for Rebar Constructibility Improvement / R. Navon ; A. Shapira ; Y. Shechori
Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Risks and Their Correlations / Balkiz Oztemir
Combining Qualitative and Quantitative Factors in Risk Analysis of Cash Flow Dependent Infrastructure Projects / Luis-Henrique Martinez ; Ismael Rodriguez-Ayala
Private Participation for Infrastructure Projects / Ching-Lung Liao
Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Financing in Public Infrastructure Projects / Chi-Kuo Mao ; Luh-Maan Chang
The Impact of Foreign Currency on Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Projects / Fiona Chandra
Residential Construction
Evaluation of Residential Construction Quality Based on Registrar of Contractor Complaint Filings / Daniel Moss
Costs, Sound, and Energy Performance in Insulating Concrete Form (ICF) Homes / Mark Nowak ; Phil Davis
Engineering Performance
Capital Improvement Program Benchmarking / Jerry Brown ; Doug Stewart ; Stan Dean ; Thor Lude ; Chuck Williams ; Bill Brennan ; Steve Simonson ; Christine Sanders-Meena ; Tim Haug ; Doug Soreno
Engineering Performance in Industrial Construction / Maged E. Georgy ; Luh M. Chang
Specialty Construction
Assessing the Quality of a Construction Schedule
Project Scheduling Aspects of Steel Construction / Matt Syal ; Aqeel Kakakhel
Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) vs. Continuous Flow: A Cost Comparison of Waste Treatment Technologies / Clark B. Pace ; Randy Harlow
Invited Papers
NSF/CII Construction Research Workshop Results / William W. Badger ; Peter H. Bopp ; Reginald S. Gagliardo ; Edward S. Givens ; Jimmie W. Hinze ; Peter W. Miller ; Garold D. Oberlender ; Harold D. Pritchett
Impact of Variability and Uncertainty on Product and Process Development
Construction Management Pull for Four-Dimensional Computer-Aided Design (4D CAD) / Peter Barrett
Application of Four-Dimensional Computer-Aided Design (4D CAD) in the Construction Workplace / Richard J. Coble ; Dan Theisen ; Robert L. Blatter
Benefits of Four-Dimensional (4D) Models for Facility Owners and AEC Service Providers
FIAPP and the Three-Dimensional Computer Model / F.H. (Bud) Griffis ; Carrie S. Sturts
Beyond Sphereland: Four-Dimensional Computer-Aided Design (4D CAD) in Construction Communications / Dennis Fukai
Virtual Reality: A Solution to Seamless Technology Integreation in the AEC Industry / Raja R.A. Issa
New Construction Management Practice Based on the Virtual Reality Technology / Jarkko Leinonen ; Kalle Kahkonen
Towards Five-Dimensional Computer-Aided Design (5D CAD): Dynamic Cost and Resource Planning for Specialist Contractors / William O'Brien
The Role of Four-Dimensional (4D) Modeling in Trade Sequencing and Production Planning
Spatial Temporal Planning: A Virtual Four-Dimensional Perspective / Clifford R. Bragdon
Four-Dimensional Computer-Aided Design (4D CAD): Construction Industry Perspective / Robert M. Webb
The Link between Design and Process: Simulation Modeling of Construction Activities / Sarah Slaughter
Virtually Real Construction Components and Processes for Design-for-Safety-Process (DFSP) / Steve Rowlinson
Additional Papers
Multimedia Database Functional Requirements for Construction Applications / Angela Birkes ; Nelson Baker ; Paul Chinowsky
Practice-Oriented Papers
Building Commissioning: Ensuring Quality and Savings / Marc Nicholson
Appropriate Risk Allocation in Design-Build Request for Proposals (RPFs) / Heidi Martinez
Interface Considerations on Multiple Prime Contractor Construction Projects / John A. Kuprenas ; Mark Rosson
Defensive Contracting / Edward Keeter
Personalities of Construction Project Managers: A Link to High Performance Teams / El-Hami B. Nasr
CALIBRE: The U.K. Construction Industry Toolkit for Building Smarter Teams / Chrysostomou Vassos
Hidden Risks of Construction in the Third World / Wayne H. Kalayjian
Fifty-One Names for Time / Lee A. Peters ; John L. Homer
Project Web Sites / Susan Baker
Raising Expectations in Construction Education / Kenneth Robson
The Project Reporter: Multimedia Progress Reporting for Construction Projects / Ihab Mohammad Hamdi Saad
Assessment of Global Impact of Change Orders on Electrical and Mechanical Construction: [Delta] Approach / Pehr Peterson ; Joel Dettwiler ; Murat Gunduz
The Need for Academia to Address Construction Site Safety through Design / Jimmie Hinze
Cost of Highway Work Zone Injuries / Satish B. Mohan ; Padma Gautam
Innovative Developments for Applying Slurry Seal / D. Joseph Wessley
Concrete Plug Design for Mine Closure / Nasim Uddin
Subject Index
Author Index
Construction Modeling
An Automated Approach for Accounting for Spaces Required by Construction Activities / Burcu Akinci ; Martin Fischer
Interactive Coordination of Distributed Work Plans / Hyun Jeong Choo ; Iris D. Tommelein